Thursday, May 18, 2006

Belgium Beer Cafe

Last night I caught up with Nicola and Luke at the Belgium Beer café for a catch up dinner. During the time that we worked together we grew really close. We stuck together and formed our only little support network for one another (I wouldn't have survived with out them).

When I talk about ‘the tough times’ these guys know exactly what I mean because they were right there with me. To make things fun they always laughed with me, laughed at me and they just knew how to have a good time.

It’s been a while since we last caught up (few months?) and so much has changed! Luke has a fantastic new job at PWC (he manages his own team of people in HR); he’s renovating his apartment and has set a wedding date for next year. Nicola is on fire at work and has just bought a brand new apartment with John right near the water.

If some one told me 12 months ago that this is where we would all be, I wouldn’t have believed them. It just proves to me that goals do eventuate; you just got to keep at it! The most important thing is that I can see that we’re all just at a stage where we are happy. An added bonus is that we all have stable partners who enrich our lives. You know that you're becoming ‘old’ when after a few beers you’re discussing interest rates, offset accounts and good quality furniture.

The Belgium Beer Café is found in a run down brick building on Harrington Street at The Rocks. Looks can be deceiving because once you step inside you will be taken to a totally different place. The owners have managed to keep the rustic feel by using dark wood floors and something the original ceiling beams. Yet the sparkling beer taps and the shiny alcohol bottles lining the shelves gives the place that modern twist.

Besides the menu that you see online they have the daily specials which offers a further 10 mains to choose from. The prices aren’t cheap but the quality is surprisingly good.

Steak-Frite & Salad (300 Grams) Porterhouse steak with chips & salad served with a light creamy peppercorn sauce $24.00

The second dish was also a steak but was on the 'special' menu.

The Heritage Special - Any choice of Mussel pot + mayo and fries + a beer $24.00

I thought that the mussels were great! and though it may come as a surprise to some, I'm a big fan of beer. After 3 schooners of Belgium beer I was in a very happy place...

Belgium Beer Cafe
135 Harrington Street
The Rocks
PH:(02) 9241 1775


Sarah said... friend Kay used to go there for the mussels and beer special!

Was the mussels good...maybe I can meet you after work when I come and we can go...I always meant to go!

Did u hear?? I am scheduled to be in Syd July 17th -1st Aug. I will be flying thru HK, Bangkok, Malaysia and go to London and Italy after!

Wanna come? I will stay in Napoli with my friend and visit Capri, Amalfi, Pompei...London will be visiting friends.

Come on Ems!!!

Anonymous said...

It's surprise

PiCkLeS said...

Sarah: The Mussels were great! though next time I think I'll go for a steak because they looked even better! I can't wait till you come over!! it's been sooooo long!!

I'd love to come with you and you know that I would, but August, September, October are non-travel periods for me because it's the summer clerk recruitment period =(

Anon: hahha thanks, yes I should always do a spell check before I post but at 10:30pm I was sooo over it.

reverendtimothy said...

Hey, whaddaya know?!

The BBC in Sydney is exactly the same as the Adelaide one. So there you go!

The mussel pot rocks! *licks lips*

m1ng said...

Go the bush amber, a few of these and you should be buzzing :D