Friday, May 05, 2006

All Alone

Jacky flew up to Surfers yesterday for 4 days of induction (it’s a pretty late induction considering he started in February) though, he feels a little ripped off because in previous years all the Graduates were flown to Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore. I told him to quit complaining because at least it’s nice and sunny where he is.

He gets back Sunday night and I fly out 6:30am Monday morning to Melbourne for a week. I’m staying at The Sebel and work pays for all my breakfasts and dinners. Does anyone have suggestions on where I should go eat or places to try? I'm determined to not just get room service all week.
Wilson call me if you want to meet up!


Bosco said...

yeah.... surfers... i'll be there in a few weeks. can't wait

Dianna said...

how could you not ask the melbournian here ems!

Lygon street for sure, my favourite is cafe Romana. Servings are HUGE and love their lamb shank yummm.
Crown has a good jap restaurant, KoKos. more pricey but nice abalone and wagyu beef.
you must go to KoKo Black, melbourne's answer to Max Brenners. tho melb has max brenners too, in QV shopping center.
For the best gelato in australia go to Il Dolce Freddo on Lygon, their ferrero rocher pieces are SO large and so... chocolatey, much better than gelatissimo here.

Best Indian restaurant in town (officially voted by the papers) is in New Quay Docklands, it's REALLY good. Trust me i used to go almost every day. Best dish there is potato balls stuffed with raisins in a thick curry sauce omg it's DIVINE.

If you've got money to waste, go to Flower Drum, I've never been but apparently it's good hehe, world's top 50 2005.

a cheapo Jap restaurant is Ito noodle bar on... forgot which street, but semi near the cinemas, i love their Genmaicha there.

thegreatwhitehope said...

Di, I believe you told me that place had the best gelato in the WORLD!!! Has it since been downgraded?

lil_lamies said...

haha! nigel no friends :o)