Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Been very very busy in Melbourne with back to back interviews, meeting with Partners, presentations and cocktail parties. The Melbourne office is VERY flash and the facilities are amazing. I'm staying in a 2 level hotel suite (a little too big for 1 person) and it gets lonely at night.
I fly back on Friday afternoon - Missing you heaps Jacky!


Sarah said...

Don't you miss me too Ems....Don't u wish I was there to cuddle up next to you!!!

Ha ha...Wouldn't complain love...better than being stuck in a hole of a hotel because ur company is cheap!!! Enjoy and swipe everything on the company card!!!

reverendtimothy said...

Don't forget to clean out the bar fridge! heh heh.

Dianna said...


thegreatwhitehope said...

I WISH I got to stay in places like that when I went away. I have training in late June and we have to share =/

PiCkLeS said...

Sarah: hahah very true! I don't even stay at places this nice when i travel! Too expensive.

Tim: hahha and have the hotel staff find me drunk inside all by myself?!?!

Di: Oh shoosh!

Matty: hahha sharing is caring! though I'd hate to be stuck with someone I didn't know too well! Nah I'm very grateful that I've been treated so well over here.

Natasha said...

aww Em, I wanted to call you on Monday night but I had to read through documentation in prep for Tuesday, so by the time I finished it was around 11pm and too late to call you :(

We could have painted the town red together! Whatever that actually means, it actually sounds a little bloodthirsty to me.

princess_party said...

law firms seem to pull out all the perks for their employees! i say live it up!

Mark said...

so did you get down some 'special' names for me?? hehe jk~ i bet you're glad to be back!

PiCkLeS said...

Tash: That's ok you were busy..but i hope things went well!

Cynth: I'll drink to that!

Mark: I did one better, I brought you back their photos....not.