Thursday, May 04, 2006


Thursday March 30th 2006
I'm getting slow and lazy at posting in my old age, but better late than never.
It great working in the city, it's so easy to catch up with people for lunch, drinks and dinner. The dramatic decrease of deposits into my savings account reflects this, as well as the sudden increase in my waistline. Because I refuse to diet I’ve joined the gym! (Sarah you always said to me “Emily all that eating will catch up to you one day” well, I think it finally has!

I've walked past Milliore many times (usually on the way to Starbucks or Harry's) and each time the place was filled with people. I kept telling myself 'I've got to try it out one day' and it just never happened. When Di suggested Korean food my mind quickly thought...Korean BBQ? But Di said she knew a little place in the Capital Theatre that I just had to try, so that's how I found myself finally eating at Milliore.

Di and Viv did the ordering whilst I happily nibbled on little dishes of preserved vegetables, kim chi and sprouts (from memory these were free?).


I can only describe this as tasting like fried chinese dumplings? though if you are a Korean person reading this post please feel free to correct me!

Mains - served with rice

The first dish was like a hot pot, it contained sausages, tofu, spring onion and instant noodles. Whilst it was really nice, the soup base tasted exactly the same as flavouring found in the Korean instant noodles that mum buys from the Asian supermarket (you know the ones in the red packets?) so it was a little strange eating this at a restaurant.

I’m not sure how the next dish was made because it came out bubbling and sizzling (quite the effect!) but once it settled down it turned out to be an egg dish that mum makes at home. I always refer to it as the ‘steamed egg dish’ but I don’t actually think it’s steamed though I don't quite know how you describe the procedure in english. Overall the dishes were really nice, the food comes out quickly and it’s not expensive (I saw that they do cheap specials at lunch time for $5 - worth a visit if you are near by).

I’m still a little confused as to what classifies as Korean food but I’m happy to go again to try something totally new, alternatively does anyone have alternative suggestions?

Next we headed off to Passion Flower where we pigged out ate ice cream and continued on with our gossip session intellectual discussions.

Then we decided to re-live our high school years and take photocards

The End.

Shop G10, 730 George St
Haymarket NSW
PH: (02) 9212 2828


Sophia said...

Have you tried Seoul-Ria?

Just don't push the button too much, or the waiters will get annoyed and ignore you.

jeut said...

How are you enjoying the gym? :)

I always have turned my nose up at gyms since I figured, "Why pay for something you can get for free?"

But I was recently persuaded to join and I'm loving it so far!

Sarah said...

Ha ha Ems....ur so funny....somehow I can't imagine you pudgy!!!

Milliore is great!!! I used to eat the lunch special there all the time.....their kim-chi is my fave....go around the corner (outside at other end of Capitol) and try the Japanese there...

For $15 u get such a huge sushi set with fruit salad and miso!! U don't know how much I miss that place...Sushi is so expensive in Israel!

reverendtimothy said...

Korean food is the same as Chinese food, but the waitresses sound like they're whinging a lot more when they serve it. :-P


Mmm those dumplings look good!

Dianna said...

That "triple choc" looks a lot better in the pic than it actually was.

hehe em, i reckon the jap place is better than the korean place =D

PiCkLeS said...

Sophia: It's in Eastwood, that's so far away!Goodluck in your exams!

Jeut: Yeh the gym turned out to be really great! I resisted for the longest time (well actually i never had a need to go - fast metabolism). But after 2 weeks i really feel good, more energy, I feel healthier and I'm just happier in general (probably due to the release of endorphins during exercise, although you can get the same feeling from eating chocolate.

Sarah: that's the word! I feel pudgy! Went to The Jap place just on Tuesday but I was so anxious about the house thing that i had no appetite and didn't take any pics. I'm soo going back. Anyway missing you as always ALWAYS! can't wait till you come over for Roula's wedding.

Tim: I am sooo staying away from that one! yeh the dumplings were great!

Di: Di that's because you ate the whole thing by yourself! hahhah Loved the Jap place thanks for the recommendation. Let's go again!

Hoi said...

There's a little Korean place in the alley next to the George St McDonalds/Galaxy World which is very good. I don't know its name but since it's the only Korean place there, you won't miss it. Great food and a pretty nice vibe, especially on Fri/Sat nights when it gets busy. I wouldn't go for the couches there because I don't like eating on couches, but they have both couches and normal seats/tables. Good place!

And I'm sure you've tried the Korean place next to Woolworths in Campsie? That's a great place too!

DJ Ho said...

Hoi, that place is called Cafe Cya with the nice couches and the Korean hip hop blasting through the speakers.

I thought Millore was ok, not great. i suspect those are the Korean dumplings that are hard and fried with beef inside, and are awesome. This Korean guy from work brings homemade ones, and I just have to "help" him eat them.

Dianna said...

cafe cya appeals to non-koreans, but koreans love Milliore. One korean says it's the best korean food in sydney.

Hoi said...

Dianna, what about that Campsie place? Any opinion on that if you've been?

I'm left asking for more food every single time I go... very, very good.

Anonymous said...

There's a nice lil Korean place in the same alleyway as Cafe Cya. Its great for lunch (but packed). Forgot the name, but the Rice cakes there are to die for ! good food for price you pay.

Anonymous said...

hi.theres this place called seoul-ria i like.theres the main one in the city,i think they got rid of the eastwood one.