Monday, May 22, 2006

Good Food & Wine Show

Has everyone bought their tickets to the Good Food and Wine show? if you want the code that lets you 'buy one ticket get one free' ask me for it.


Sophia said...

i want to go!

is it the one ticket for the whole three days?

m1ng said...

hook me up woman!! :D

AteLate said...

Could I have the code please.

PiCkLeS said...

Sophia: you should book your tickets now before they take the deal away and before all the good seats get snapped up - take mum!

Ming: let it for you on msn, Angii's going too.

Atelate: Sorry you'll have to email me as I'm not posting it up.

lil_lamies said...

ohh ems! its sounds great hook a sister up girl!

do you get to eat the food too? i want to meet jason roberts, i have a huge crush on him :)

noodles said...

oooooo =) might i snag a secret code? I have no1 to bring though, maybe i can trade the ticket in for more wine =D

Rowena said...

Yes... please, if it's still available!!!!!

Thank ya!!!!!!!

LeeSkies said...


please send the code to