Monday, October 17, 2005

The slip of a button

Imagine my horror this morning when instead of sending the link of the race photos to my team, I sent it to ALL of Hudson non-exec accounting in NSW (this mailing list included various managers across the business). The worst thing was that I didn't even notice that I had made the mistake until I started getting read receipts from people who were not suppose to ever read the email.

Technology can be a very dangerous thing.


Bosco said...

lol... on the bright side, it's not the slip of the other button, ala janet jackson moment.

Dianna said...

hey i'm sure those managers needed some eyecandy.
I wouldn't mind some eyecandy during a hectic day! =D

Some Dude said...

Maybe next time you should send such an email during afternoon, lunchtime or any other time when you are more alert... instead of a time when you might still feel a bit sleepy...

M1NG said...

Hahaha, funny as..

Same thing happened to my friend when she wanted to cancel her gym membership, she sent it to all corporate gym members..

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: That's for sure!

Di: hahha i'm not really sure about the eye candy bit...but we sure were colourful.

Somedude: is this Jason? It's my fault that i was such a ditz - gave everyone a good laugh though =P

Ming: All i can say is at least it all it was, was pics of the races.
See you Saturday!!

M1NG said...

Yeps, see you tomorrow..if I wake up early enough..

Any plans on bringing the beasty SLR ?