Thursday, October 13, 2005

Martha Stewart eat your heart out =P

We're off to the Races on Saturday and very excited! After wearing suits 7 days a week any excuse to dress up will do. Our dilemma was that we didn't own hats or fascinators, to buy one for over $100 seemed a little silly.

Solution: make our own!!

Here were the results: (Click to enlarge)

Not the clearest pics, they look so much better real life because you can see the colours in the feathers. I didn't have my camera tonight but will try take some better shots on Sat. Saturday should be great fun...please dont rain!


Dianna said...

Hey I'm impressed!!!

Nic said...

hahaha nice work guys! ur gonna look fantastic! :-D i hope it doesnt rain! **fingers crossed**

Sarah said...

ooohhhh.....ladies, good job!!! Didn't realise you were all so talented. I pray that the Rain Gods will forgive you for your sins, and not rain on Sat.

Take lots of pics and send here...pretty please!!!

LeeSa said...

wow ems, they actually look really good.. hmm, i think next time when wends, phy n me get up to anything like this.. we need your expertise!!!


Natasha said...

Why are they called "fascinators"? That's such a bizarre name. Sort of like back in medieval times, they used to call giant marzipan dinner centrepieces "excitements" (I think..)

They look great, though.