Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Fabulous Saturday!

Pyrmont Gourmet Food/ Growers Markets
The weather was excellent and we spent the morning taste testing everything from dips to cheeses, juices and more! We couldn't leave without splurging on some Salmon sausages, homemade yogurt, organic nuts, dried fruits and hot apple cider.

Mum with her hot Apple cider - she so cute!

Flemington Markets
With our recent purchase of a food Dehydrator and a Bevilles juicer we headed off to Flemington markets to stock up on fruit and veggies. I haven’t been to Flemington markets in like 6 years and boy has it changed! The traffic is crazy, people drive and park all over the place, if I was the one driving It would have been enough to give me a mild heart attack.

Wearing thongs was a terrible idea, everyone was pushing and shoving with their trolleys, I was terrified that someone would run over my toes. To top it off, some sleazy old Asian guy tried to take pictures of me with his mobile phone! Luckily Jacky knew what was going on a stood in his way. We ended up leaving with enough fruit to start my own Boost Juice store, but next time I think I’ll pay a little extra for the luxury of Coles or even Harris Farm.

Camera Shopping
We had been thinking about getting a digital SLR for some time now, our little Cannon s45 has served us very well and has taken over 6000 photos since 2003. But the button has worn out and we miss out on a lot of shots because the button doesn’t respond. So we went camera shopping and we’re now deciding between the cannon EOS 350D or the Nikon D70S, despite telling Joel that we were getting the Cannon 2 days ago I think we’ve now settled on the Nikon D70s. I feel a bit guilty though because after we buy the speedlite and memory card the total comes to around $2500, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

John Legend @ The Metro
The concert was excellent I was gutted when I missed him the first time, but when Jacky pulled out 2 tickets it was like Charlie winning the golden ticket.

We secured a spot very close to the stage and he sung for just under 2 hours. He did most of the songs from his album and gave us a preview of a few from his next. His voice is amazing!! And his personality captivates you from the very beginning. I was blown away! I knew it would be good but this was better than excellent! For $35 this was THE biggest bargain of the year and I feel oh-so-lucky.

Sing it! Baby Sing it!

Look It's that guy from the Peas!

I stood next to this guy Kyle all night, no one really paid much attention to him but you might have seen his clips on a Saturday morning?

More photos Here.


DJ Ho said...

I saw John Legend the first time he was here and he was amazing. I'd compare him to a male version of Alicia Keys. He played the piano, jammed with the band and sung at the same time. Beautiful voice, very soulful and yes, personable on stage.

I had no idea who he was when he first came, but have become a fan ever since.

M1NG said...

Bah.. Canon all the way!! :D

I think I've hit 9700 photos on my S40, SLR soon to come..

PiCkLeS said...

dj ho: sorry i don't know your name, he was soo good!! it's probably one of my favourite performances to date. I reckon the next time he comes out it's gonna cost us over $100 to see him and we'll be no where as close.

Mingo: Buy one now and join the SLR club! hahha You already have a WRX!

Em said...

oh you were there toooo!

so was I! how awesome was it! and SUCH a bargain! =)

(I was sitting in the seats...on our way out, I had to walk RIGHT past the black eyed peas dude...I regret not saying anything, but then, I never know what to say to famous people!)


betty said...

The Black Eyes Peas, now there's a story that makes me smile, they are some sweet az guys..... ;o)

PiCkLeS said...

Emmelyn!! There were seats?? hahha i was too star struck to really notice anything besides the stage. Wasn't he just Fabulous!!I just feel really lucky.