Friday, October 21, 2005

End of Quarter/Reena's Farewell

Today was a bittersweet day. We would all come together to celebrate a fantastic quarter 3 and also bid farewell to my direct manager Reena. As sad as we all are to see her go we can't be more excited for her in her new role as NSW Recruitment Manager for KPMG.

The farewell speech

We then headed off to the Woolwich Pier Hotel for a boozy afternoon.

A few of the guys - Left: Jen, Lucy, Adele, JP Right:Mayura, Sarah

The Food

Left: Classic Salad Nis├žoise with Atlantic Salmon $16.00 - The fish was fresh and was reasonable for the price. Right: Steak Sandwich with fries (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Relish & Beetroot) $14.00 - this wasn't a hit with us as the steak tasted like boiled meat

Left: Tempura Battered Fish Of The Day with Fries & Tartare $19.00.

Right: Garlic Prawns with chilli on fettuccini with spinach and coriander $20.00 - I found this dish to be a bit too oily, the pasta was a bit plain on its own and the prawns a tad too salty, I was left feeling a little disappointed.

Left: Scallops on Half Shell with Tarragon Butter - 1 Dozen $25.00 & Bowl of Fresh Prawns with Garlic Aioli (serves two $28.00) - seafood was very fresh and scallops had just enough flavour, would recommend.

Right: Vegetable Stir Fry with Fresh Singapore Noodles $16.00 - ordinary for the price.

The Cocktails

Our Company gave us a $500 bar tab to drink the afternoon away. And drink we did! I'm really not sure when I became such an alco but in 2 maybe 3 hours I managed to consume:

1 x vodka lemon lime

2 x caprioska cocktails

1 x lychee with cranberry Cocktail

1 x shot of Sambucca

The service was exceptional! and the barman was really sweet making his own little cocktail creations especially for us. The weather and waterfront view made it a really easygoing and fun afternoon, just what we all needed. At around 4:30pm we all hopped on the ferry to the city and finished the night with more drinks @ Opera Bar.

Before Reena left she handed me a present with these parting words of advice for me:

"Take Pride in how far you have come,

and have Faith in how far you can Go!"

(Christian Larson)


Dianna said...

wow, the food looks divine!!
Feel like I haven't gone out in ages!
i'll see you soon Em!

PiCkLeS said...

Hi Di!

I think that the food looks a lot better than it actually tastes - but great location!

Anonymous said...


I'm one of the boyz from WoW. =)

I'm interested in good food or fine dinning as well. Like this post you have on Woolwich. Location look fantastic but the menu look quite ordinary.

My gf seems to have more time searching for great food as well. We just visited "Spice I Am" on the corner of Campbell and Elizabeth st. Great Thai food if you have a knack for spice ! Price is reasonable if you order the right dishes. If you havnt been check out the menu here. =)

Also no bookings so get there early ! Enjoy.

PiCkLeS said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by, did I meet you when you guys went for drinks at Star Bar?

*shock* there is life beyond WOW

Anonymous said...


Sorry for intruding on your posts.

Yes i was there at Starbar drinking with da boyz. Not to be rude or anything but if I gave you my name, I'd be punished in WoW. =P

Well there is the Good Food Festival at Hyde Park this Saturday and also the Jazz festival in the hunter. Should go there if you enjoy "dinning out". hehehehe...

Dont be shock, I do it because I like it. Just like WoW ! =D

PiCkLeS said...

Not at all comments are welcomed. I think I know who this is anyway, I think i worked it out from the comments of your last post, I remember having a similar convo real life! ehhe

Anonymous said...

hehehe but no names mention ! =)

jc said...

definitely no names mentioned tsk tsk!

you betrayer to the horde!!

PiCkLeS said...

Jacky Shoosh!

Anonymous said...

"For the Horde" Honour is at stake here ! I demand satisfaction !

We are dueling ! =P

Anonymous said...

You should go and do this with bad I cant go because we have a wedding to do.

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Bank Details: Suncorp ( )
Acct Name: R Bunting & N Harris
BSB No: 484 - 799
Acct No: 50-016138-1

Numbers are limited and your spot will not be confirmed until all monies are received. You will receive a receipt on the day of the race.

The details of the day:

11am - 12 Noon : registration at Kirribilli Hotel (35 Broughton St Kirribilli, opposite the railway station)
On registering you will be given a show bag consisting of water bottles, a map, a clue, a gift or two and Instructions.
You will also be given a t-shirt which we would like you to wear during the race. Feel free to let us know what size t-shirt you might be. I also need your partners name.

Noon : Let the race begin

5pm : Teams must be finished by this time at Checkpoint 8. (checkpoint 8 is not the Kirribilli Hotel. The start and finish points are different places about a few km apart.)

5.30pm : Announcement of prize winners.

Prizes will be given out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as randomly chosen awards.

What to bring : a travel pass if you have one, comfy shoes, hat and sunscreen if the sun is out, raincoat if the clouds are out.
Note: you are not permitted to drive any vehicle of any kind during this event. Doing so will mean immediate disqualification.

Please email the SHAROC with any further questions or queries
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hehehe no more MC for Jacky !!! hahaha