Saturday, October 15, 2005

Carnival Day @ Randwick

I hadn’t been to the races before, but there’s always a first time for everything and the girls assured me that I would have an excellent time! It was really nice getting all dressed up, the dress was a lot lower that what I have ever dared to wear, but I bought it so i had to wear it! (at least once anyway). It was also a nice change from corporate wear and something to brighten my mood.

Armed with our passes to the member’s area we made bets on 4 races and picked the winners of all 4. I only made small bets like $5-10 here and there but finished the day $40 richer (thanks Mitch!). We spent the rest of the day eating gelato; fighting off cheesy pick up lines and having some guy who we named “Mr Lucky” buy us free drinks for the day.

On the drive home we worked out the 3 most common pick up lines (for the races):

“Have you won anything?”

“Are you up?”


We came to the conclusion that if they were good looking it was cute and if they were ugly it was sleazy. Shallow...I know...but hey! We had such a good time that we're considering going to down to Melbourne for the races next year.

Member passes, My 2nd winning ticket, Miss leopard print Lisa

Di to answer your question of "What's the appeal?" - I think it's about dressing up, feeling good and getting into the spirit of things. Come along next time and you and Ken can enter the 'Cutest Couple comp!'.

Sarah - Wish you were here.

More photos here.

*edit* - Betty & Lisa's photos added


Betty said...

What a fabulous days, one where women are ladies and the men are gentlemen! Yippee, I made $65!!

Dianna said...

what a colourful congregation of hotties!!!
Em that dress looks really stunning on! And don't worry about the lowness of the neckline, if you're got it you might as well flaunt it =)
your post (and nancy's) fully makes me want to go to the races now =)
When are the melb races on next year? Maybe i'll go when i move back.
Cutest couple aye... hehe we'd be wayyy too embarrassed to enter! =D
you should enter with Jacky!

Bosco said...

cutest couple is overated... often the 2nd cutest couple is cuter than the cutest. unless when the cutests cannot fulfil his and her (or his and his, and hers and hers; just to be politically correct) duty, and the 2nd cutest becomes the cutest, in that case, i'd rate the 3rd cutest. unless ofcause there are only 2 couples, then there really isn't a cute couple... wow, i confuse myself

PiCkLeS said...

Betty: two words Betty 'Chong Tong' hahaha >_o

Di: I keep forgetting that you're only here till the end of this year. We'll be sure to visit if I go Melbourne again!

Bosco: Remember how we talked about you over thinking.....

Dianna said...

nah Em i'll be here till july next year, so a fair while yet! =D
I'll be in sydney for my 21st woohoo!!!!

Nancy said...

hey em!
hahaha - didnt realise u went as well!!
members area? how much did u pay for that? or did u know sumone..

i think the whole dresing up thing dies down when ur too drunk to realise at about 3pm after going thru bottles of champers!!

PiCkLeS said...

Di: so so young!

Nancy: our member tickets were the $30 sort that allows you into the area but doesn't include all you can eat food and drink. To get them you just need to know someone who is a member and get them to call up to reserve tickets under your name. To be honest the area is a little overrated but plenty of free space in the stands.

I was so good on Saturday! didn't drink to avoid any Janet Jackson moments!