Friday, October 28, 2005

24/10/2005 - 28/10/2005

A week of change.
A week of telling myself to hang in there because things will be ok.
A week where an important client made me feel as worthless as the dirt that he walks on.
A week of beating myself up over it, even when I knew I did the best that I could.
A week of moving on.

This weekend will be a weekend where I will run to Jacky’s arms for comfort and spend time with friends to forget.

Don't ask me if I am ok, because I will smile and tell you I am.


Dianna said...

awww Em, what i've learnt from working is that other people can easily make you feel incompetent, but you have to be the final judge of yourself. If you aren't up to scratch, you'll know it. And if you did the best you could, you must overlook other people's bitchiness and draw from their criticisms the positive and the constructive... otherwise you'd go craaaaazzyyy (like i sometimes do hehe. The problem with the workplace is that we have no peers doing the same thing, so the circumstance offers to form of comparison.

Don't worry, saturday should cheer you up!! =D

I bought short shorts from Champion for pole dancing!!!=P

ROWENA said...

Hey Emily,

I don't know how people get satisfaction knowing that they have in one way or another made someone unhappy. I suppose being out in the 'world' makes us realise that those types of people do exist and then we are just forced to think that they are there to make us stronger and make us realise how lucky we are to have our friends and family who are there for us no matter what.... we all go through it and it's those who care about us that make us smile and think we'll be okay....
I wish I was pole dancing with you guys it would be so mad!!!! i suppose some other time... how about belly dancing?!?!? hahahaha just keep me in the loop!!!!
Take care, mwa....

Dianna said...

oops sorry Em I meant that "circumstance offers NO form of comparison"


Bosco said...

"romance will save me" never sounded more practical... enjoy the weekend :)