Monday, October 24, 2005


Continuing on from last night’s post, I’m still on a high from last night’s party. I decided that I wanted a different look so I started curling my hair, I’ve curled my hair on numerous occasions but this time I accidentally started too high. When I finished, my head had turned into a big afro! (I kid you not) It was 1 hour before the party and I could have cried! Instead I waited for my hair to settle down and tied half of it up to keep it under control, the end result wasn’t too bad.

We then headed off to the engagement only to arrive on time at the wrong place! It was held at the St George Sailing Club in Sans Souci NOT the St George Rowing Club near the Airport! The place was really nice and Christina looked Beautiful in her Alannah Hill dress, Stephen was positively glowing with pride!

It was also my first experience of a Lebanese/Greek engagement the exotic dancing and music was quite an experience.

We took a lot of photos but were limited by our 250MB memory card and our battery ran out right at the end! (Hopefully after pay day I can invest in a 2GB card + spare battery). It was very interesting trying to take pictures in such a dark room, so we experimented with different settings and tried different ways to angle the speed light. Some pictures worked others didn't, the whole photo taking thing is a lot harder than it looks and I’m really bad at taking shots at different angles. It makes me admire Trish even more.

The Rest of My photos here

Deana's Album here


trish said...

ooh! i like the dancing one with her skirt flying =) nice!

yeh lighting is HARD. i know very little about it! but yay to learning more!

petals said...

Stephen looks familiar to me...I think i use to work with him...well in the same company...when i was with Panaseer/Commander.

Em: is he a project manager or works in the telecommunications by any chance?

PiCkLeS said...

Trish: it's so hard! and I'm still getting use to the weight of the camera, when i first started i couldn't steady myself in my heels so the photos where turned out blurry. to be honest I still don't know why some shots were clear and bright and others so dark.

Christine: Stephen is a Lecturer at USYD, you may have had him 1st or 2nd year? They are both doing their PhD so I'm not sure if he still lectures.

Anonymous said...

Ems & Jacky u guys did an awesome job on the night! wat legends!!! :)

Vivien said...

ohhhhh she does look stunning in that AH dress !! love for AH (and Bare ;) heheeh

Anonymous said...

Hi Em, I just wanted to thank you and Jackie for being there for Christina and I on Sunday night. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and thank you so much for taking all those wonderful pictures. You two really are too kind. Please thank Jackie and tell him I said hurry up and pop the question! (and I'd be more than happy to snap the pics on the night :) Thanks again and thank you for the lovely gift too - it is very beautiful, such a thoughtful gift and it will come in very handy over the coming summer months and beyond - thank you both so much again!


NfOrCeR said...

Christine: I cant believe you dont remember santhony... he was our isys lecturer for SAD? Or some other subject I can't remember...

congrats Stephen! (not that you'd know who I am heeh ;)

and nice pics Emz. Putting the camera to great use!

Dianna said...

i really like your dress Em!
I think i told you already =D
And nice festive photos!
haha, Em you gotta work those biceps!! Poledancing will be good for those biceps, then you won't feel the weight of the camera as much.


PiCkLeS said...

Thanks anonymous! you didn't leaveyour name so i don't know who you are!

Viv: she was just glowing!! the dress is even more stunning real life because the black is all made from a series of crystals and beading so it sparkles as she walks.

Stephen: LoL that is such a sweet message! I'll leave it up to you to put the hard word on Jacky! I still can't believe how young your mum looks!

Joel: Thanks, good old Usyd days aye?

Thanks Di! you can borrow it any time! it's quiet funny how you, Viv, JY and i are all like the same height and size.

Dianna said...

haha Em, I'm a lot lankier. boobless and hipless = me!

the colour is very unique i think, maybe I should go check out more Bare stuff!

Oh Em do you photoshop your photos?

oh and also, no polldancing performance from me, I won't be here for the final lesson! =(

PiCkLeS said...

oh pleaseeeee Di! anymore of that talk from you and I will beat you with a stick =P

I think Bare has good and bad stuff depending on the Season. I love AH i just can't afford most of the stuff.

No i don't photoshop my pics other than to crop it to a smaller size.
The only one that i did photoshop is the one with the black and white background where the couple are in colour.

NfOrCeR said...

Oooh yeh the good ol usyd days! Boy do I miss uni! Wish I was back in first year again.... hehe

petals said...

I cant think that far back Joel!

Although, now that you mention it...wasnt it a DB course?

hehehehe...oh usyd!