Friday, March 09, 2007

Vroom Vroom

A few exciting things happening this weekend, after 10 months of should we or shouldn't we? Can we or can’t we afford Foxtel? We’re having it installed Saturday morning! We figured that we both work really hard and we need to treat ourselves to things now and then. The deal was a pretty good one, the first month is free and we get free installation and the premium package free for 1 month. We also only need to sign up for 12 months rather than 24 (at $36.95 per month that’s only an extra $406 a year).
I tend to say no to things more than yes so I am justifying this because Jacky has had two pay rises since Feb last year and we are both expecting increases July 1 this year. I’ve been sold on the Foxtel but now Jacky is trying to convince me that we need a DVD recorder and another flat screen for upstairs…..I don’t think so Mr Chan!

Sophia on the other hand is buying her first car tomorrow. It’s a rather old car but perfect for her to practice in (I wasn’t too keen on her practicing on my Pug! Plus my parents are buying a new car when Dad gets back). Sophia figures that if she gets a good 3+ years out of this car she’s happy. We bought it off a work friend who is moving to Boston to lecture Medicine at Harvard (he was a Mechanic for 10 years before that) so the car is well looked after and we got a great deal on price.

1992 5 door Auto Ford Festiva
Clairon cd player
Air Con
New time belt
135,000kms (that's only averages 9,000 kms a year)

I thought that was pretty good, especially when you compare it to similar cars for sale. My first car was brand new and I told Sophia that she really didn't need the added pressure of a new car when she's still getting use to driving.

So the purpose of this post is to warn you all that Sophia will be on the roads!!


Sophia said...

Mum & I are going to ignore you when you say you have no money b/c of the mortgage now :P

PiCkLeS said...

Oh Shuddup!! it's $36!! as if you're not going to come over and watch my TV! Since when did you side with mum anyway?!?!

NfOrCeR said...

emilee. u shoulda told me.

I just bought a new car and am going to trade in my poor holden! They evaluated it that it would fetch $1000 at auction cos its in such crap condition! Could've sold it to you for that price hahah
The new car is currently on a ship from Japan... arriving in two weeks! Cant wait :D

PiCkLeS said...

Joel you didn't tell me you were selling, what car did you end up buying? Plus you're car was massive Sophia's probably suited to something smaller.

Some Dude said...

Oh crap... so which area / what time should I be avoiding to drive through? XD j/k

PiCkLeS said...

Jas: At a suburb near you!

NfOrCeR said...

Yeah well it was an impulse buy last Sunday lol First day out car shopping and parents decided on it. I didn't have much of a say in what car to get either...

Bought the Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport hatch from hursie.