Monday, March 26, 2007

Luke & Sally's Wedding

Dalton Chapel, Saint Ignatius College, Riverview

The bride Sally looked gorgeous in Vera Wang and Luke looked pretty smart himself.

The reception was held at the Tea Room Gunners' Barracks, the water and city views was breathtaking. The reception began with drinks and canapes on a deck overlooking the water.

*edit* still adding to this post (I've just been too tired to do it all in one go)


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the second photo, for a moment I thought something was wrong with my eyes or it was some photo trick. It shows a photo of 7 people. Click and it shows a different photo with less people. lol.

B said...

hahahhaa i had to rub my eyes too lol

PiCkLeS said...

Anons: yeah i started with the bigger one of 5 people then decided that the one with 7 people was nicer but forgot to change the link =P