Monday, March 19, 2007


I wasn't suppose to see these yet but Mum couldn't help herself. She received these from my Grandmother during her tea ceremony when my parents got married and Mum will be passing these ones down to me (she's left some others for Sophia).

It is tradition that parents and relatives give gifts of jewellery and red pockets during the tea ceremony (usually 24k yellow gold bangles) which I will wear at our reception when I change into my traditional Chinese garments (Dad is currently having these made overseas). It's all very exciting!

image by Charles Cheung HK


Julia said...


If you are looking for a wedding photographer, try Gordon Jovic

Love his works but couldn't afford him.

PiCkLeS said...

Thanks Julia, seems like the average cost of photographers these days is about $4k! can you believe that?? But i guess you get what you pay for.

Sarah W. said...

aww u said...slowly lil bits are falling into place and when u start to see these things, it makes it all real that ur Big Day is somewhere out there at the end of the rainbow.

Enjoy everything; the laughter, the stresses, the joys and the fights, cos u will only do this once in ur life.

Ayako1984 said...

Your mum's pieces are gorgeous! Hehe, my high school bestfriend's getting married in about 4 weeks (damn, it's still not sinking in for me yet) and when she went back to Vietnam last year, her grandmother gave her something gold too. Except in her case, it was like a gold ring that goes around her neck like a collar (that symbolises locking her in place into a marriage) Apparently it's the tradition in Vietnam. Yikes! Hehe...Lucky we're Chinese ey? =)But then again, we have something that literally looks like a gold padlock on a chain that gets put around the bride's go figure =P

lil_lamies said...

wow, it's all happening isn't it! I can't wait to see the final product, splashes of gold and red everywhere, its so exciting!

Dianna said...

awww this little girl is getting married!! =D

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be so rich and successful. So very rich and successful. I bow down to how good you are at being good. Honestly you are the most excellent person in the whole wide world.

You are so very obviously high class. Wow the ability to fine dine everywhere!!!

Such a modest person as well!! Not in any way concieted or obsessed with ones own image. Truely a well balanced individual.

We should establish a cult of pickles perks to workship your greatness!

PiCkLeS said...

Anon: Glad to have been able to entertain you, I can see that you've spent a lot of your time here lately so I'm surprised that you have such difficulty grasping what the purpose of food blogging is. If reading about MY life on MY blog bugs you, feel free to not visit =P

Sarah said...

anon...I am generally not inclined to put people down, but F*** you are pathetic.

If a mother handing down a pretty bracelet demeans u in any way, than u truly are a low class freak who sadly has nothing to look forward to in life.

Ur contempt (clearly evident in your choice of words) shows with little doubt jealousy about a life very far from ur own disadvantaged one.

If you dont understand the idea of what it is to "blog" and tell of ur experiences, etc, then clearly stay away from this technology that you know so little about.

BTW typo "worship" not "workship"!!!

PiCkLeS said...

Sarah: Anon keeps coming back to post as different people but I can tell it's him/her cos it's the same IP. It's really quite sad but highly amusing the amount of time this person spends on my blog (esp for someone who hates it so much) haha

Vivien said...

You know what anon? Let's not talk about the substance of your posts, because if you want to spend hours on strangers' sites making judgments just because you think their particular writing style makes them seem a particular way, fine. Everyone makes random judgments. And I don't really care what you think - we don't even know who you are, so the only difference you really make as a particularly intent internet fly.

Let's talk about your comment that people who write posts and open up the comments "place themselves open to comments". You're right. Of course they place themselves open to comments. And of course any blogger who allows comments is prepared to look at what they've written in multiple ways, bad or good. But can you seriously not see the difference between what you're doing - pretty much harassing her - and what someone writing constructive criticism is doing? You're just attacking her with things that would hurt anyone personally and hitting below the belt without even writing down your real name. You're writing messages backing yourself up under another name but, good one, the IP is exactly the same. You're being crude, you're being cruel, and I'm willing to bet that you're enjoying being both FAR more than any serious thought you're entertaining of "educating" her (or the "her" that you think she is).

So basically, what you're doing is similar to looking up someone's publicly listed phone number, looking up where they live, googling their name and going through their photoalbums then giving them a prank phone call complete with heavy breathing and half-cooked observations under the guise that "they deserved it! What, does she think she's only going to get NICE phone calls? Think again! Ha ha ha ha ha!". Don't fool yourself into thinking it's any less of a shameful act just because it's typed, not said.

And yeah fine, you're getting a bit more of her thoughts than if you did what I just described, but if you have any further opinions based on them, as far as I'm concerned it's called respect not to write comments like you do - respect for her as a person who's going to feel really upset that you're calling her fiance these things when you don't even know him, and SELF-respect not to stoop to such callous and unprincipled activities just for fun or because you think that you're "helping" the world in some way.

Get through all that? Good. You're not as tedious and shallow as I thought. Now hopefully you'll get a heart about all this, and get over yourself.