Sunday, March 04, 2007

This time next year....

Dad went back to HK yesterday, it's always a bit sad to see him go but if all things go to plan he'll be back for good in July or September. While he was here, our parents met for the first time (yes in over 8 years our parents have never met! not formally anyway) and things went better than I could have ever expected *phew*.

It's really nice to see how excited our parents are about the wedding, it makes us realise how special this all is (and how much work there is to be done). Jacky's uncle and cousin called us from Hong Kong on New years to see when the wedding was because they all plan on coming, it looks like this wedding is going to be a whole lot bigger than we expected.

We're are still looking for a wedding band to go with my ring, I tried on this diamond one today and it's my favourite so far. The one pictured is a bit bulky and doesn't fit quite right but we can get it custom made to fit. Once Jacky decides what style he wants we'll go look for his as band shopping has been so much fun (for me anyway!).

What do you think?


Pinkami said...

Your comment is very reassuring! I will definitely take your advise and rest as much as I can during all my weeknights.
Though they rostered me on for a Tuesday night, doh!

p.s. Your wedding band is absolutely beautiful!

Kim said...

Hey Emo that's some serious bling right there. I know that you've mentioned a plain band to me but a girl can never have too many diamonds. Go all out I say.

PiCkLeS said...

Ami: You should really try get yourself out of that Tuesday night shift! 3 nights a week is crazy, it would be hard work too. Look after yourself.

ahha the wedding band isn't mine just yet. Still shopping around so we don't get ripped off.

Kimbo: I have some time to decide but this one is the front runner.