Sunday, March 18, 2007

Katina's 25th @ Caffe Salina Bronte

It’s been a while since we met up for a nice dinner at somewhere new, I didn’t realise how much I missed the excitement of trying new places. To celebrate Katina’s 25th we all got together for dinner at Caffe Salina at Bronte. Caffe Salina is located on a small strip with about 5 other cafés/restaurants 8 minutes drive from Coogee (the strip is just around the corner from the main area of Bronte beach).

Salina’s is small and cosy and spills out on to the footpath with tables and chairs overlooking the water. We couldn’t see much in the dark but could definitely feel how peaceful and beautiful the area was. It was as though we stumbled on a hidden treasure tucked away from all the commercialisation 8 minutes away.


Herb & garlic bread for the table

Fresh grilled figs alla gorgonzola $8
Seared scallops with limoncello sauce $12

The dish with the figs was really different to anything that I have ever tasted. You are first hit with the sweetness of the figs followed by a strong milky flavour that stays in your mouth. Some of the girls loved it but I would need to try it again before I can make up my mind. I thought that the cheese was a little over powering for my personal liking.

Sea barramundi with asparagus and mango salsa $21

Ray who sat opposite me said that the fish was cooked really well and the salsa was refreshing. I loved the colours on his dish and if I got to make my selection again I think I would have gone with the barramundi.

Roast sirloin with sweet pumpkin, eschalots and truss tomato $21
Salina meatballs with linguine $18

You can't tell in this photo but the meatballs were hugeee! (Bigger than a tennis ball) we couldn't stop laughing at how big they were. They were filled with cheese and bread crumbs on the inside and would be the ideal dish for a starving guy. Christina gave it the thumbs up.

Beer battered barramundi with chips and wasabi mayo $19
Linguine alla marinara $18

Jacky and I had the marinara and while it smelt great the actual flavours didn't quite live up to the expectation especially when all the other dishes seemed so nice.

Roast lamb rump with risotto of chorizo, cannelini beans, tomato and parsley $21
Barbequed salmon fillet with bok choy and salsa verde $21

Vanilla bean crème brulee $8
Strawberry panna cotta $8

By the end of dessert I was so full that I actually felt sick, but I couldn't resist trying a bit of everything.

Summer berry pudding $5

Just when I was ready to pop out came the baked ricotta cheese cake

Happy Birthday Katina!!!!

Caffe Salina
479 Bronte Rd
Phone: (02) 9369 4012

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