Sunday, December 11, 2005

KK Dinner @ Lotus

A tradition that has been running for the last 5 to 6 years is our annual Kris Kringle dinner. This is an extremely exciting time that takes months of planning. About 2 month prior to the event a date is set in our calendars and a resturant booked, the budget is set between $100 to $150. This may sound like a lot, but it sure beats having to buy $20 to $30 presents for 10 people.
Names are then picked out of a hat and distributed. A condition of KK is that everyone must keep who they got a secret. A detailed email is then sent out to all participants where they must fill out the questions and 'reply to all'. It details things like favourite colours, wants, don't wants, underwear size, shoe size, dress size etc.
This year our dinner was held at Lotus in Potts Point. The restaurant is extremely popular and made it into the SMH Good Food Guide for 2005. Whilst the place was a lot smaller than we expected (making it a very tight squeeze) the food and atmosphere did not disappoint. The crowd is vibrant and the wait staff are extremely friendly and rather good looking!
On a Saturday night bookings is a must! the minimum 2 course meal will set you back $50 or $60 for 3 courses. The servings are your average size but the high quality of the food makes it value for money.

Above Entree: Gazpacho with persian feta.

Because we didn't start ordering till 9:00pm we decided that 2 courses would be enough. Most people went for a main and dessert as opposed to entree and main.

Mains: I got the special of the day: Alantic crispy skin (something - not salmon) with a fennel and dill salad, rosted potatoes and grapefruit. Despite me not being a big fan of dill, I still give this dish 10 thumbs up!


1. Spiced lamb loin with crushed chickpeas, spinach and sheep’s yoghurt

2. Grilled spatchcock with pea and pancetta puree, chicken jus


1. Buttermilk pudding with summer berries

2. Chocolate marquise, macerated strawberries and clotted cream.

Betty enojyed her Buttermilk dessert but I wasn't a big fan because the buttermilk had a funny sour flavour? the chocolate marquise is a VERY rich dessert so it would be great for the chocolate lovers. If I were to go again, I would go with entree and main instead of main and dessert.

Opening the presents!

Lisa got a dress and earrings that were very Lisa! Belinda got a new bikini, earrings and a fondue set.

Betty's present was made up of more than 5 things (I can't remember what they all were now) and Roula who has renovated her room got some really nice things from Country Road.

Part of Lisa's present for Kat was a Seduce top, to her dismay Katina had bought the top herself and was wearing it at KK dinner! (Note the top that Kat is wearing and the top that Betty is holding in her hand. I think Betty's laughter said it all!) Christina on the other hand was very pleased with her new Morrissey dress.

I had Dee and I bought her some Chanel earrings and an underwear set which caused the guys from the next table to cheer out loud!

Nat received a beautiful George necklace and a voucher for 2 people to go para sailing at Manly. I didn't get any pictures of myself but I received a beautiful Oroton Red soft leather clutch from Roula (Thank you so much!)

Here is to another successful KK dinner! Thanks for all the effort in putting together your gifts!

Merry Christmas Y'all


Bosco said...

Girls are definately more proactive about organising stuff like that... I can imagine the response I'd get for suggesting something like that in my circle - "that's f*ckn gay"

DJ Ho said...

usually when i do KK for work, I try to find the most lame ass present I can find to take the piss out of the idea. After someone actually gave me something which took a lot of consideration about what i like, the present was really awesome - i was so happy.

I might have to change my views and try to get something decent next time, instead of the 80's karaoke DVD i purchased for $10!

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: I guess it just depends on the group of friends. Most guys don't buy each other things for Xmas i assume? it's good in some ways because you actually save yourself A LOT of money! using last night as an example the present would have been just under $150 then there was 2 course + sides + wine + tip = $70 per person. When you do it with a few different group of friends your bank accounts starts to look pretty bad. But girls being girls we love receiving presents and the whole anticipation of KK dinner makes it well worth it!

Ho: I had work KK on Friday...i've yet to blog about that ehhe but suprisingly $10 can buy you some pretty decent gifts! and embrassing ones.

thegreatwhitehope said...

I would have loved to see Lisa's face when she arrived to see your friend already wearing her present.

SoRMuiJAi said...

I love reading your blog emily!! Its like the good food guide done by someone you know! I hate reading your blog late at night or after a big meal, cos I want to go out and eat all over again from your photos and descriptions! YUMMM!!

Katina said...

it was an awesome nite!
thanks everyone for making it so special!! :)

PiCkLeS said...

Matty: poor Lisa...

Lils: aww thanks, i LOVE eating out...just wished it didn't cost so much!

Kat: Thanks for organising the venue!

Hoi said...
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Hoi said...
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