Saturday, December 17, 2005

Murder Mystery

What: Schneider Electric X'mas Party 2005
When: Saturday Night 17/12/2005
Where: Dockside - Cockle Bay Wharf
Theme: Black Tie -Murder Mystery
I accompanied Jacky to his Schneider Christmas party tonight where upon arrival we were pulled aside by a ‘policeman’ who informed us that a murder had occurred. The victim ‘Santa Claus’ was brutally hit on the head by an object and 12 suspects from Schneider were under suspicion. We were handed a clue and asked to assist the police in solving the case.

The aim of the game was to mingle with the crowd and swap clues to solve the crime. The first person to guess the correct suspect, room, weapon and location would win a $600 Harvey Norman Voucher. In theory this sounded like an excellent idea for a Christmas party.

The problem?

It was a very formal black tie event where partners were invited and everyone kept to themselves. As lovely as everyone was, it was a room full of engineers; to say that they were a little introverted would be an understatement.

The Food

The service was quite good with waiters bringing out cocktails and canapés for most of the night. They had everything from dim sims, to curry puffs and tasted a lot nicer than your usual finger foods. The Main meal was a self serve buffet style selection of pastas which included Spaghetti marinara, Pesto Ravioli and Cannelloni. The pasta's were very average which I guess is to be expected when food is made in bulk this way. However, the great canapés and daiquiris certainly compensated for this.

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reverendtimothy said...

A room full of engineers? How exciting! They all would have had nice shoes on, I imagine, since they would've spent the whole night looking at them... :-P