Sunday, November 05, 2006

Catching the Wedding Bug

We went to my Cousin’s wedding yesterday, hopefully I will find some time during the week to post. However I will say that despite my efforts to AVOID catching the bouquet (so as to not draw attention to myself) somehow I found it flying straight at me!

It’s funny how things happen, more to come stay tuned.

My parents gave me this diamond tennis bracelet as an engagement present, it’s so pretty. I’m getting really spoilt at the moment.

A Big Congratulations to Trish and Joel who also got engaged after 7? years!! Have a read of his and her story. It's pretty amazing, imagine having a guy fly halfway across the world to propose to you without you even having a clue.


Anonymous said...

congratulations ems!!

a foodies weeddddinng?? mmmm that would be exquisite =D

(why is that bracelet a tennis bracelet?.. seems very removed from tennis)

Natasha said...

so THAT'S what a tennis bracelet is. all those romance novels suddenly make a little more sense

PiCkLeS said...

Muz: Thanks! I have no idea why that is called a tennis bracelet, I've just always known it as that. Though i did google it and it came up with this answer:

Tash: LOL is this like Fabio romance novels?

Betty said... can't ever seem to have enough can you? Wana swap Ems, I have an old friendship thread bracelet I bet you would love!

PiCkLeS said...

Betty: very tempting but will have to pass.

JC said...

hahah. it was more like a quarter around the world, since we were both in Sth America before Denmark...

PiCkLeS said...

Joel: But she thought you were in Sydney so that's half way across the world to me :P