Friday, November 24, 2006

Not Happy Jan

I’ve just come back from my lunch break a little annoyed. This all started yesterday when I saw that a large camera shop on Pitt Street was having 50% off all their digital services. This was perfect because I needed to develop 172 photos from my cousin’s wedding so that I could put them into an album and give them to my aunty as a gift. My aunty is coming over on Sunday and it’s unlikely that we will catch up again before Christmas so I had 3 days to put it all together.

The shop was busy but they assured me that they would have the photos ready in 1 hour. To make a long story short, after a lot of waiting they didn’t have it ready and I ended up going back to work late and empty handed.

So I went again today to pick them up, when I got there the salesperson couldn’t find them. I could tell they had lost them because they kept looking in the same drawer 50,000 times. At one stage they even offered me a pile of someone else’s photos asking if they were mine, the family in the photos were clearly white and I think I look pretty Asian (I did mention to them it was of my cousin’s wedding).

Finally she decides to check a box of receipts that she had on the counter, after some digging around she declares that they were collected yesterday!

Me:By Who!?!?” I ask “and don’t they need my receipt???”
Girl: “No usually they give us a name and we show the photos to them, when they confirm it’s theirs they will pay for it”.
Me: “So you are telling me that someone has paid for and collected all 172 photos?
Girl:errr…yes, are you sure someone didn’t collect it for you?”
Me:No I’m sure.”

Once it was established that the photos were given to someone else they began to crack jokes about never taking naked photos, I was neither impressed nor amused. Meanwhile the clock was ticking and I was supposed to be back at work 15 minutes ago (it takes another 15 mins to get back to Circular Quay), I just stood there glaring at her.

She ended up apologising and said that she would re-print them moving them to the front of the queue. It would take another hour so I organised for Jacky to pick them up.

I will not be coming back to this place.


SoRMuiJAi said...

Hey emily, you can go get your photos printed at wynyard train station for 13c each. U get them the next day, but for 13c, its worth it. And i haven't had problems with them before, except once i printed sooooo many photos (over 600) i think they started running outta ink and some of the photos looked a bit blah. But 13c!!!

PiCkLeS said...

13c?!?! no way! is this the shop on the right hand side as you walk up towards george street?

Anonymous said...

you should name and shame this shop. i'd like to know, so i also won't make the same mistake of going there.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Yeh yeh! As you come out of Wynyard train station and head towards george st, its on your right hand side inbetween a clothes shop and some sort of natural cosmetic/essential oils shop.

My workmates went and printed out 700 photos the other day and they turned out nice. One or 2 of them were a bit washed out, but for 13c each, she said she might as well just get them reprinted and it'll STILL be cheaper. I gotta go print out my daddy's holiday photos as well whilst the offer is still on!

thanh7580 said...

What a mess. How can they just let people pick up photos without a receipt. Sometimes people may be picking up photos for someone else and don't know that it's not theirs. Also isn't there some privacy issues there as well. If you just let people pick up other people's private photos without proof, they now have your photos and can do anything with it without your permission.

PiCkLeS said...

Matt: Ted's on Pitt St

Lils: I'm going to go print out my friends wedding pics for her i think. So i'll check out the place this week.

Thanh: yeah it's a bit of a worry. I think i eel a little better because they weren't really of me.

Betty said...

that is infuriating! How dare the even make a joke about it, I would have had a major wobbly!