Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yay the Mushrooms!

M for Mighty, M for Mushrooms! (Team Colours too!)

Congratulations on the Win - great game!!

Trish's Fab Photo's Here


thegreatwhitehope said...

Hey Em! Thanks so much to you and Jacky for coming all the way to the Hills district to support us! We had such a fantastic crowd tonight and it made a huge difference.

JC said...

Thanks soooo much for coming out all the made the game all the more special.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as was hyped!

Your MM mascots are awesome!

Bosco said...

wow, they're like all glitz and glamour compared to us... but Flavoz represent!

PiCkLeS said...

jc & matty: we're glad we came, was a good game!!

bosco: haha if u guys reach the finals i might come watch...a lot closer this time!!

Bosco said...

bought BoyzIIMen - Legacy today for 10 bux :) just thought i'd share!!