Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pull the other leg

In previous posts I’ve often spoken about ‘crazy’ candidates and the lies that they tell to get themselves out of situations or make themselves sound better. The last 2 weeks have brought out real winners. I personally am disgusted with them, but its sad to say that it’s becoming a really common thing.

With one of my work colleagues on leave I had to cover the contractor desk for one day and made my first contract placement. The excitement quickly turned to annoyance when the candidate pulled out after only one days work. Apparently someone in her family died of cancer and she would need to take the week off to help with the arrangements.

I would have been more inclined to express some sort of sympathy had she not called another colleague straight after to enquire about other jobs. Why people feel the need to make up lies I have no idea, and sadly the ‘Someone in my family just died of cancer line’ is rather old. All I ask for is honesty; if the location is too far, tell me!! Don’t tell me someone has died!! Aren’t you afraid of Karma?!?! Why would you even want to wish these things on people in your own family?

If you lie and we catch you out, we will record it! The world is small and our database is comprehensive. The notes will be in there long after we’re gone. I must sound like an absolute biatch at the moment, but I am just fed up. I realise that there are genuine cases out there but the amount of times that we catch people out…it really makes you wonder.

Take the most recent case for example. My colleague filled a really difficult role with an even more difficult client. The client rejected the candidate initially as she hadn’t been working in 2 years (maternity). But she seemed like such a nice lady… so we fought hard for her and we got the employer to give her a go.

One month into the role she started coming in late to work, had a few sick days but was always very sorry. A few weeks later she officially resigned as it had been discovered that she had a brain tumour. As a team we were gutted by the news, a young mother with 2 young children, what could be worse? Morale was pretty low and we sent a get-well card with heart-felt messages.

2 weeks went by and no news, life went on and my colleague worked hard to find a free replacement. Just by chance this candidate was a distant relative of one of the people at work. After being invited along to a family dinner we were to find out that this candidate never had cancer…in fact she was never sick at all. Instead she started a new job 2 weeks ago at a company that was slightly closer to home.

We were disgusted. The silence spoke louder than words.

To think that after only 2 years of recruitment I could write a whole book of stories like this *Deep Sigh*


M1NG said...

Everywhere you go, no matter what you do, theres always d*ckheads out there :D

fool on said...

1. Those excuses are ridiculous. Cancer? Brain tumour?! Did they really expect never ever to run into any of you again in their whole lives?

2. I got a postcard/advertisement from Hudson. What the?! What kind of secret database have you people got!

PiCkLeS said...

ivan: is it one of those recommend a friend ones ? i'm going to look you up now, but i just realise i don't know your surname..that's ok.. i'll find you.. i'll have superior searching skills :P

betty said...

that's disgusting, don't these people believe in karma? What if she really does get a tumour or her relative really does die from cancer,no one will believe them because they'll be the people who screamed cancer or tumour....really, it's disgraceful, shame of them!

Bosco said...

wow. So much conflict fills the world. I feel like a hippy wanting to give people peace signs. Though at what cost? of looking like a fob/jap tourist ready for a photo?