Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Inevitable

The time has finally come and one of my best friends is off to pursue her own adventure. Her partner is from Israel and she is going there to meet up with him and then there is talk of them settling down in Toronto. It’s a bitter sweet day where on the one hand I’m so excited that she is living a dream that I only dare think about. On the other, my best friend isn’t going to be just around the corner anymore and I don’t know how long it will be till I see her again.

Sarah and I met when we were 5; we have been friends for 19 years! 19 years!! That’s older than my sister and over three quarters of my life. She knows everything there is to know about me; the good, the bad, the ugly and she accepts me for me. I took the day off to spend the day with her along with 3 other girls - it’s been a tough day. Every time I get the chance to reflect, my eyes begin to swell up with tears and we haven’t even reached the airport yet.

It was also a good day where together we cooked breakfast ate lunch and baked cupcakes. Eating and laughing just the way we always are and always will be.

Emily & Sarah 1988

Sarah & Emily 1993
Sarah & Emily 2005

Love you Sarah. Stay Safe.
Just got home, it was very emotional and I was feeling pretty down. On my desk was a purple envelope with a Bday card and gift, Thanks Mingo! sooo bad of you!! but soo sweet.
Thank you so much for cheering me up. *Hugz*


M1NG said...

Ive met Sarah once, nice girl, she pigged out on my peking duck wrap at your 21st Emo.

Hopes she has a safe journey and has fun also.

No worries matey, theres always email! :D

PiCkLeS said...

hahaha that's cos you didn't want to eat it! You snooze you lose. I just realised you always have the same goofy smail when you pose in pics ahhah. Thanks again. 25 This yr aye! lucky this time we're armed with cameras

PiCkLeS said...

errr just read what i posted smail = smile. I blame old age

M1NG said...

Yeps, quarter life crisis is just around the corner, digital cameras tend not to be a good idea when one is intoxicated. :P

No worries, we can take pictures of Jacky feeding the fishes again at Darling Harbour. ;)

Bosco said...

It must be hard, hope it wasn't too much of a painful experience for the both of you...

Sarah said...

Ems..I'm sitting here in Bangkok and u made me break out the tissues....seeing those pics of us really shows alot!!!

Ming...nice to know someone remembers me in one of my weak moments!!! lol

Its been sad and scary....but I do know all will be ok, whatever happens....and all of our friendships and family are too strong to leave behind for too long.

Y'all will be hearing from me alot!!!

Love, Sarah xoxo

Lisa said...

ohh great did you hear that? we'll be hearing from sarah alot... i thought the ocean barrier and physical barriers will become an issue, now we have it in writting from the woman herself:)

Sarah you'd better take care of yourself, we're going to miss you like crzy, its so hard already, love ya...sniff sniff