Friday, September 09, 2005

Boyz II Men

Just got home from the Boy II Men concert and it was AWESOME!! We paid for really good seats and even got to run up to the stage during the concert. I love them!! Like I really LOVE them!! They’ve been around for 15 yrs and I’ve grown up with their music, the lyrics are so meaningful and their songs bring back so many memories of growing up. The best part was when they sang and the whole crowd sang along...everyone knew every single word..the crowd was soo loud! I also bumped into people I hadn't seen in years, high school friends, IRC friends, St George girls.....what a great night!

Random was the support act and I think they did an great job with working up the crowd and beat boxing. They have great voices and I think they have a lot of potential they just need to write better songs and make less cheesy clips =P

Shawn, Nathan, Wanya in the flesh!!

I was so close I could almost touch them!

Pick me! Pick me!!

At one stage they each had a bunch of Roses that they were throwing out to the crowd, up until this time I was seated, when I saw them throw Roses I bolted to the front. It was crazy out there and at one point a rose landed in my direction but some crazy girl tried to claw my eyes out, with impaired vision I couldn't see where it went. I could only hear Katina screaming in the left side of my ear “EMILYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHERE IS ITTTTTTT?!!?!?”

After the concert, alive and well (but no rose...only a sore eye and a deaf left ear)

Oh, I almost had to go to the concert in a full suit because I forgot to bring my jeans, so I did what every girl would do...I went out and bought a pair (I so didn't need another pair of jeans and now I'm $90 poorer). Joel stop laughing at me and show me your photos!!

Photos from the Concert Here

Joel's Photos Here (he had 2nd row seats!)


Betty said...

" the end of the rod...still i can't let you's so natural you belong to me...." Sing it with me kiddies! what a hot night!

Bosco said...

wow... we were up on the rafters.. your seats were so good!!!

I still can't get over them not doing "Thank you", or "Doing just fine" or "4 seasons of loneliness" or anything from "Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya"

Wanya is crazy, i wanna be like Wanya!! i'm gonna have 2 sons, and call one Kanye, and the other Wanya :) hahaha

NfOrCeR said...

haha emz!

I'm sorry, couldn't help it. I don't see what's wrong with wearing work clothes to the concert though? Saves you the $90!!

but Daaayyaamm how mad were they! all that ol skool stuff.. and hear the roArrr of the crowd!

only bad thing was those damn subs right in front of us! eeesh. was having a heart attack and left deaf in both ears! :P

My pics.. well, ill see if I can post it up somewhere.. and the audio ;)

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: I didn't know you went, did you see the 1st or 2nd show? the concert was a little short but so good!! What happens if you end up with girls?

Joel: You slow ass, yeh when they first came on stage the sound wave was so strong I felt the compression and I was telling Jacky 'i can't breathe!' lucky they fixed it. I never felt anything like it in my life.

DJ Ho said...

The concert was great when they sang their classic stuff. They shoulda replaced the throwback songs with some of their own songs. And yes, it was definiently too short.

LeeSa said...

joel.... cant see the avi's.. = (
i wanna download them..

NfOrCeR said...

my clips werent all that great. the sound is just *dooooooosh*.

Took 2 short clips. 30secs of the 2nd Motownphilly and 30secs at the end when they were exiting stage left.

I can post em up but theyre pretty big downloads...

Meyshia said...


my ears are still ringing. Seats were great, but the speakers were really close to our faces *^_^*

wanya, he opens his mouth and magic comes out. I wanted a rose :(

W_DRagon said...
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W_DRagon said...

hey at least you guys had seats - I got standing tickets - all I saw was the cameraman's butt all night and the couple in front of me - snogging it out. Lucky for the big screen tvs hehehe.... but still it was awesome to be there... I was at their last concert in Brissy and it wasn't as good as this one!!!