Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lesson Learnt!

Sarah gave me the heads up that Bare would have up to 90% off at the Paddington and Chatswood stores today. I was at Chatswood by 9:20am and picked up these 2 bargains! It was the last two extra small and has all these little crystals that you can't see in the pics. I am very pleased indeed! (Thanks Jacky!)

$375 down to $75

100% silk $380 down to $100

I thought the blue one was $160 and I was going to buy it anyway, when they told me it was down to $100 I nearly died.


Yesterday was also an ‘Office Building’ afternoon where everyone was mixed up into a new team and we had to battle each other playing trivia. It started off with the heats, and then the top 4 teams with the most wins would progress to heat 2 till the last two teams were left to battle it out. The team I was in came last for EVERY single heat! How bad is that! But my team captain Lee believes there was a conspiracy (that’s our excuse anyway). We weren’t too sure how many hearts an octopus had, or the person who won the junior and senior iron man comp in the same year? But we did get a prize for coming last =P


JY said...


No regrets, no regrets!

And excellent excellent bargain hunting! ;)

Double thumbs up from JY.

Natasha said...

haha we once had a marketing department trivia play-off, only it wasn't trivia as such it was "Cranium".. you know the game which combines trivia with pictionary with charades? Heaps of fun, and you haven't lived until you've seen the marketing director act out "rollercoaster" by running around the conference room, pretending to scream.

Sarah said...

Doohh!!! Do u like the blue?? Thats the one I wanted to buy in the brown!!!!

Pretty isn't it?? Glad ur stocking up on Bare!!!!

riss said...

oh, what gawjus dresses!

can't believe it was 90% off!!! that's nutsssss