Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Party Continues...

Friday night – Drinks @ Cruise Bar

Saturday Night – Dinner @ Café Pacifico Darlinghurst

Tucked away in a little street, the run down building with its big red wall and long staircase is a little misleading for what lies upstairs. Inside is Sydney’s own little Mexico! The atmosphere of this place is electric and gets better as the night progresses. The mocktails, cocktails and Sangria was fabulous, and if ever you wanted to do tequila tasting then this is the place to be! They boast over 50 different types of tequila.

The food was pretty good and it was cool to see little Mexican people running around the kitchen (feels a little more authentic that way =P) and sure beats Old El Paso. Our table decided on the banquet menu to make things nice and easy for everyone, by the end of the night my jeans were so tight I couldn’t move.

I haven't posted a pic of Betty and Lisa's Presents at the risk of spoiling another suprise. But msn me if you want to see and I'll post again later! The present was a massive hit!

Not moving is just not an option. After dinner the Salsa style dancing begins and just before 12:00 streamers are thrown and we’re each given party poppers to party the night away.

The love Rat. Just when you think you've seen the last of cheesy pick up lines, watch out! because here comes the guy below! He must have tried to pick up every single girl at the restaurant. Starting with my group.

Here he is in the background having a crack at Dee, when that failed he moved on to Kat, then Lisa, then Betty, then Nat etc.

He was still there when we sang happy birthday and had cake...who is this guy?!?!? When we left the party he was last seen sitting with Belinda trying to kiss her hand!...gross.

Happy Birthday Betty & Lisa! Welcome to the prestigious 24 club!

More Pictures Here


Betty said...

Thank you everyone who made our birthday the best one yet.We are still overwhelmed and humbled by the present, again thank you! Oh and the guy who tried to pick us all up, ended up stripping at the end of the night, thank goodness we had a view from his back side...we can only imagine the horror of the poeple on the other side *shudders*....

love B+L

PiCkLeS said...

ewwww i'm so glad i left before that happened. There are some things that I don't need to see.

M1NG said...

Can't blame him for trying..haha..he stripped ?

Goodluck trying to make an impression on a cold night.

PiCkLeS said...

Ming...that thought did not even cross my mind!