Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The F Word

Being friends with a group of food bloggers is awesome, they are there to share experiences with you and absolutely understand when you need to take photos of all your food before eating. They are also there to let you know of exciting up and coming events! (Thanks Anna).
Channel 7 has a new show The F Word which is based on the British version featuring Gordon Ramsay.

This grab came from the SMH:

Some like it hot
Filming has begun on what promises to be an intriguing television offering for 2007: a local version of the British TV show The F-Word. Instead of featuring the internationally acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, the Channel Seven version has signed up the Sydney celebrity chef Matt Moran. Each week Moran invites three amateur chefs into the kitchen of a new restaurant operating exclusively for the show. The chefs are grouped by profession - from hairdressers and surf lifesavers to surgeons and sports stars - and are guided by Moran as they prepare a three-course meal for 50 hungry customers.
I was really fortunate to receive an invitation to dine at the show and to compete in the kitchen. However to compete required that they film me at home and at work and then cooking in my own kitchen. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to cook with Matt Moran of Aria but I wasn't too keen on being 'so exposed'.

The whole dining experience went on from 6pm to 10:45pm, where over the course of four and a half hours we sampled a 3 course set menu. I spotted Evan and Bella from My Restaurant Rules (I met them 2 years ago when I went to Pink Salt). I also sat right opposite Anthony Callea and hummed his latest song in my head with a giggle.

We came straight from work looking and feeling a bit tired and walked to Darlinghurst from St James station


Chilli salt squid with baby bok choy (valued @ $10)

When this dish first came out the smell was amazing! However the sauce that came with it tasted too strongly of sweet chilli for my liking and was extremely sweet. My bok choy was almost raw and my sister's was over cooked. Out of the 3 of us only I said that I wouldn't pay for this dish, but I didn't realise that it really meant that I didn't pay so I felt a little guilty afterwards.

Having the crew film you as you eat is very bizarre, everything that you would usually think in your head as you eat you need to say out loud. Because I gave a 'no' vote for the squid everyone on my table was asked to focus on the negative aspects of the entree as they filmed us. We were also asked to clearly say at the end that we wouldn't pay for this dish! (great! I might make it on TV looking like a tight-ass). After this type of experience you realise how 'set up' reality TV can be.


Roast Pork Loin with kipfler potatoes, roast baby pears, broccolini & caper butter (Valued @ $20)

We thought that the pork meat was tender and juicy and cooked really well, however the crackle was a bit on the chewy side. The biggest issue that we had with this dish, was that because we were the last table to receive the mains our meal was very cold. Despite giving 'yes' votes the film crew got very excited when my sister mentioned that her meal was cold and was asked to repeat it for the camera zooming right in on her as she said it.

There was a bit of controversy that followed after the serving of the pork with only 20 out of 50 people saying 'yes' they would pay. For a more detailed account of the incident visit Anna's blog.


White chocolate panacotta with citrus salad (Valued @ $10)

The texture of the panacotta wasn't as smooth as we would have liked but after what happened with the main meals we felt very sorry for the butchers and was going to give a 'yes vote' not matter what. The citrus salad that accompanied the panacotta was fantastic and was the highlight of this dessert.

Anthony stopped for a photo before he left - how nice!

This experience was amazing and if we make the cut, we should feature in episode 4? Also keep your eye out for Anna of Morsels and Musings and Julia of Relookage who sat at tables right next to me (we had some excellent seats!).

*edit* We also sat next to this guy 'Will' we all had no idea who he was but he was playing up to the camera and even changed shirts during the show. Steve who commented on Anna's blog posted this link and here I was thinking he was a chef.


Julia said...

Another great write-up - lovely seeing you and Anna (funny that we were all in the same section!).

How interesting about the pre-show offer - how did that come about?

JC said...

you didn't want to be so exposed!!!! it's not an FHM shoot ems!!!! That would've been awesome!!!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you on tv waving your hand saying "take it away...just...take it away".

PiCkLeS said...

Julia: I thought it was great we were in the same section. Did your Friend Enjoy it too?

I got invited to participate because Channel 7 were after a team of lawyers and HR to compete and someone from work is friends with someone at Channel 7.

Joel: Even yesterday I got really nervous every time the camera came near us, I'm also not all that comfortable with them filming me at work seeing a lot of the things I do in HR are all confidential. Would have been awesome though

SoRMuiJAi said...

OMG that sounded like a great night out! hehehe I wonder if I can score myself an invite...lemme find a contact in ch7! hehehe

And Anthony Callea!! :D~

Anna said...

i love how all the food bloggers ended up in the same section.

now that would have been a great team for the kitchen - three food bloggers!!! we soooooo would have won ;P

Belly said...

Hey Emz!
Oh I love the F word!! That sounds sooo exciting does that mean you'll be on telly?? You have to see the British version Gordon Ramsay is sooo damn rude its hilarious!! After being on a waiting list for over 6 months we finally get to dine in one if his restaurants next month! I'll let you know how it goes!!
Luv Belly

victoria a said...

I love the look of the dessert! *drool*

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

I can't wait for this episode to air! :) Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes commentary too!

Julia said...

Haha the food bloggers special - you're onto something there Anna!

BTW have you both been inundated with lurkers from Anthony Callea forum members!?

cin said...

wow, can't wait to see the episode after reading all about it. keep us updated on when it will be aired.

Dianna said...

oh ems! you should have competed! you could have shown the crew your little bunny tail hehehe =P

I love anthony callea!!!! You should have said to him "I have a friend Di who loves you. Can you give her a private performance of the Prayer in Italian?"
That's right Em, that's what you shoulda said.

PiCkLeS said...

Lils: yeh it's always pretty fun to go behind the scenes.

Anna: hahha I can just imagine people thinking 'food bloggers what??'

Belly: take photos and do me proud you lucky girl!

Vic: yeh i think it looked a little prettier than it tasted.

Julia: hahha I don't think so?

Cin; I should start keeping my eye out shouldn't i?

Di: Darn! you're right! I'm too late!