Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year doesn't actually start till February 18th and continues for another 7 days after, however the celebrations have begun early in Sydney. I work every Sunday so before work I got Jacky to drop me off at Chinatown so I could catch the New Year parade.
I couldn't resist buying a few Chinese buns as I passed the bakery so my hands were too greasy for me to take photos of the parade as the floats passed. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out for the parade (especially with showers forecast) instead Sussex and George Street became a river of people.

I bumped into these 2 men carrying little dogs....awww, glad to see them getting into the spirit of things. (Jacky can we get a dog pleaseeee?)
My last stop before work was Belmore Park to see what goodies were on offer, there were a lot of cute decorations but VERY expensive. These Chinese Lions were $79 each.

I love fresh flowers but my Mum thinks that I should save money and buy a plant instead. I'm not sure if these good fortune trees had quite the look that I was going for. balls on a stick, dim sim on a stick, satay chicken on a stick....who knew one could gain so much pleasure from eating off a stick. *Sigh*.... this makes me miss Hong Kong but then I remember how I gained 4kgs in 3weeks the last time I was there (Jacky 10kgs) and I don't feel so bad after all.

After work I caught up with 3 old work friends for dinner at BBQ king followed by ice cream at the French Riveria. I adore these guys, they just get me in so many ways and are full of advice (and gossip) every time we meet up.


matty said...

I like that Sydney has embraced CNY over the last few years, although I bet we could get those Chinese Lions for about $5 in HK!!

10kg in 3 weeks would require eating 24 hours a day - was his mouth permanently open?

Sophia said...

I love French Riviera! Shame it's not worth it to go by yourself.

PiCkLeS said...

Matty: Yeh our firm is competing in Dragon boat racing next week so I'm going out to see that, it makes me miss Hong Kong because New Year is always such an exciting time.

Well you know how HK has such a big night life we'd literally eat till 1, 2 or 3am just before we sleep. We'd spend hundreds $HK buying food as we walked along. Jacky would also take advantage of the shop below my relos house where for $12HK he ate half a soya sauce chicken with rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sophia: Yeh great place and it's so funny to see people's reaction when it's their first time there. Although some of the flavours were a bit dodgey!

I should send thepictures of those doggies to cute overload shouldn't I?

Reverend said...


Looks like you had a great CNY. ;-) I ate myself stupid on chicken feet and takoyaki. Hehehe