Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thanks Sophia!

For Christmas my Sister got Jacky and I a $250 voucher to Aria Restaurant I'm very very excited! This place was awarded 2 hats this year by the SMH Good Food Guide and has a great view. We'll most likely save it till June for when we celebrate our 9 year anniversary (it'll give us something to look forward to).

After reading Jen's review I think we'll also go for the 7 course dinner tasting menu at $150 per person and by then they will have the winter menu to sample.

Sophia said the message was suppose to read 'big' year not busy year.
Thanks so much Sophia, what a treat for Jacky and I! (Since when did 19 year olds make so much money??)


Belly said...

Oh you will luv Aria Emz...what a great present!! It would have to be the best restaurant we've been to in Sydney!! The food is just divine!! Let me know how it goes!
Luv Belly

PiCkLeS said...

Heyy Belly!! you know i was just thinking about you today and how you would be home in 4 months, did your ears burn??? Missing you heaps it's hasn't been the same without you here. Keep us posted on what you did for new years!



Betty said...

Sophia - Is she working the underground with my Godfather?