Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boyz II Men & KCI & JoJo @ Enmore

*Warning* I'm just back from the concert and on an absolute high so the next post will read like it's written by a teeny bopper.

We Went to the last Boyz II Men concert (it feels like yesterday can you believe that was '05??) so we knew exactly how good this one would be but the added bonus was that KCI & JoJo were coming out with them this time. Originally they were only doing one show and these tickets sold out in 15 minutes! (they added another 3 shows as a result).

The standing area was sealed off into sections, we paid for tickets to be at the very front of the stage. It was money well spent! (Thank you Joel for lining up).

The Support Acts

The first support act was a guy called Mike Champion (he was actually alright he had a bit of the Usher thing going on), second was some girl called Natasha (I can't say I'm a fan) and then there was some random American girl who danced around and sang in a white bra top.

At 8:00pm the lights went dim and the crowd cheered as KCI & JoJo came on stage.

I didn't get to go to their concert in high school so this was me really making up for lost time. They were absolutely fantastic!!

At one stage KCI jumped onto a security guard's shoulders and they took him in a circle through the audience. He came so close I could almost touch him!
JoJo drank from a water bottle and threw it into the audience....guess what? I caught it!! I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it, but it was very exciting when it happened. They sang for a full hour before they left the stage.

At 9:30pm the moment everyone had been waiting for........(that's the crowd behind us)

"Boyz II Men are back A-gain..."
Look how close to the stage we got - smack bang in the middle too, the crowd was also really good and it wasn't squashy like some other concerts that we've been to.

Shawn thanked us for the 15 years of support and for being the group that bought the tickets for what was originally their first show. He asked us to sing along to some of their songs and I watched as Nathan mouthed the words 'Wow' as he watched the crowd. It must be pretty amazing watching people from half way across the world sing to your songs.

They mixed up the night with some new songs from their new album and some old favourites (Bended knee, Water runs dry, Song for Mama, 4 Seasons of loneliness, I'll make love to you and End of the Road to list a few) .

It was a fabulous night and I'm really glad I went, the photos from 2005's concert is here and the photos from tonight is here if anyone is interested.


Sophia said...

I went to the enmore on thurs to see Damien Rice ;)

NfOrCeR said...

Did they do Water Runs Dry? I can't remember now! I remember they didn't do Water Runs Dry or 4 Seasons at their last concert so I was glad they did it as I got it on video! heheh

I've uploaded my videos onto youtube. Check out my blog :p

Can't believe we managed to get such good standing positions and without getting crushed hehe

PiCkLeS said...

Sophia: yeh last time i was there i sat at the top to see Merrick and Rosso which wasn't too bad but i really liked being close to the stage.

joel: thanks for lining up...go you!! hhaha They did do water runs dry! I'm still laughing at how my hand is in so many of your shots muAHah.

NfOrCeR said...

yes GO ME :D
GRRR. That's it. Next time you're standing BEHIND me :P

I told my parents that i paid 100 bux for standing tix and they're like "you paid that much just to stand?!?" hahaha i guess its different to the usual fobby concerts they're use to going to