Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random stuff

Small Luxuries
I'm loving the big electric wok that Sarah's family got me for house warming, I can steam all 8 mantou's at once and it fits a whole large chicken (for when you make the Chinese white chicken).


Creme Brulee @ Sarah's

If only we had stopped there.......

no at 9:30pm we (as in Sarah Rodna and I) continued to each eat a slice of butter cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting. The recipe called for half a kilo of butter!

Making the creme brulee left Sarah with 8 egg whites so she whipped up a pavlova and we ate that too.

After consuming all that sugar we were ready to start bouncing off the walls, we washed everything down with a glass of black tea infused with a stick of cinnamon and fresh mint. We chatted the night away till 1am the next morning - good times.


Dad's Back for Chinese New Year

My Dad is back in the country for 2 weeks and the last few days has been full of eating and more eating! Yesterday we started with yum cha in the morning followed by a family dinner last night and another tonight.

I also did well in the red pockets department (and I haven't even collected from everyone yet), though this is the second last year before I have to start giving them out myself!



The 10 weeks went by super quick.

Highlights: welcome breakfast, James bond, Trivia night, lunches, filming, lawn bowls, opening the bar to shots (and being introduced to the jager bomb).

Thank you! They were beautiful!


Belly said...

Omigod!!! I want that peanut butter cake!! Look at all those desserts!! I'm sooo jealous!!! Happy New Year Emz!
Luv Belly

PiCkLeS said...

Belly: hahha I still have not come across anyone who eats as much sugar/sweets as you!!! Thanks for the email will reply soon. Did you go Gordon Ramsay yet?

Belly said...

No we'll be going in a couple of weeks can't wait! When will you be on telly Emz??
Luv Belly