Sunday, January 21, 2007

Canberra Office

Tuesday 16 January, 6:30am - the cab arrives just in time to take me to the airport for my 7:30am flight to Canberra. As I jump in the cab I get a little annoyed at myself for forgetting to grab some cab charges from the office the day before. I then remembered that I now have a corporate amex - problem solved. I finally stopped being lazy and got approval for one after having to charge $400 lunches and $1000 dinners on my own credit card, I could claim it all back but I kept feeling broke every time I looked at my account.

I like how you can just use the touch screens to check in and get boarding passes for your return flight all in the one go.

Qantas in flight snack - ahhh the memories....

Did you know that Jacky and I worked at Ansett in-flight catering for just over 2.5 years during high school? I was a workaholic (I guess I've always been...but I am trying to change that now!) even 2 weeks before my HSC I was working.

It was a physically tough job but it paid well and the people were fabulous. I found out that I lost my job when I turned on the TV that night and heard that Ansett went under. It was pretty sad, it was so unexpected and I never got to say good bye. I still wonder how everyone is and when I'm on the plane I always try peer out of the windows to see if I recognise anyone on the tar mac.

The Canberra office

Canberra is very quiet and the streets looked rather empty. The last time I went to Canberra was when I was in yr 6 and it pretty much looks the same. The people are really easy going and down to earth (which was nice). I caught up with some Partners, did 3 interviews, checked up on my Canberra Grads and flew home.

The End.

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