Monday, January 29, 2007

Garden Bar @ The Establishment

If you work in the city do you ever get that feeling where you are surrounded by restaurants and cafes but have no where to go? I felt a bit like that today. I had arranged to catch up with Ivan for lunch weeks ago but totally forgot to have a look at places to go. It had to be somewhere within walking distance from Circular Quay and Martin Place where the food came out relatively quickly. With no places in mind we settled on the Garden Bar at the Establishment.
The thing that I like most about this place is the variety. They have an Australian menu, a Thai menu, the Chef's specials and Bar snacks all under the one roof. If your preference is for a liquid lunch they have a wide variety to choose from there as well. Prices start at $12 and average $14 a dish which is very reasonable.
Now for those who have only been here for Friday and Saturday night drinks this place is totally different during the day. The area is bright and open and a great location to catch up. Ivan even commented at how surprised he was that the place could scrub up so nicely after the weekend.

Thai beef salad: bbq beef served with kaffir lime, lemon grass, and dressed with chili and lime juice $13.50

The salad also comes with a bowl of white rice and I watched with amusement as Ivan tipped a whole dish of chilli sauce into it before consumption. I guess now I know who to ask to come with me when I have the really hot chilli hot pots in winter.

Pad thai chicken: fried rice noodle with egg, peanuts, and sprouts $13.5

I thought that the pad thai was made pretty well (not too oily and not too dry). They were generous with their chicken pieces and the food came out super quick!

Garden Bar
252 George Street Sydney 2000
Phone 02 9240 3000
Monday - Friday 11.00am till late
Saturday 6pm till late

Kitchen Hours
Monday - Friday for lunch 12 - 3
Monday - Wednesday for dinner 6 - 9
Thursday - Saturday for bar snacks 6 - 10


DJ Ho said...

hey i was there today! had the stir fried pad chicken cashew nuts (i think that's what its called)...was actually quite good. And the place is pretty cheap too.

Ah, you must work close by :P

PiCkLeS said...

Matt: Yeh we're just around the corner we're moving to your building in September.