Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've jumped on the bandwagon

After months of looking at the different beads and trying it on at work, I finally caved in and bought a Pandora bracelet and 4 beads (3 silver, 1 glass). If you haven't heard about Pandora or seen their ads will.

Pandora does all types of jewellery but they are particularly famous for their bracelets and charms, they have a unique screw system where the beads are screwed on (so that you will never lose another charm again). When I first saw these I thought they were pretty ordinary and expensive! But over time they started to really grow on me. The beads come in silver, birth stones, gold and glass and you can slowly build a bracelet to suit you over time.

The silver bracelets start at $75 and each bead starts at $27 (glasses beads starts at $39). You can imagine that a full bracelet will cost well over $600 (especially if you choose some of the fancy beads on offer). You would think that the cost alone would mean that people wouldn't buy it, but at Baku we can't keep up with the demand with everything now on backorder.

We have people from everywhere seeking us out because they saw that we were listed as a stockist. I'm a bit stupid where if I see everyone excited over something I will be too. My bracelet so far would have cost me $195...eek! There's no way I would have paid that, especially with all the jewellery I already own. But lucky for me I had 'Baku Cash' (i.e. Vouchers given to staff when the store makes budget). I'm not sure when I'll get another voucher but I think it's going to take me a very long time till I complete my bracelet.

I only had enough vouchers for 3 beads, the glass one I paid for. I chose a rooster because it is my Chinese zodiac sign, the blue glass bead because blue is my favourite colour & to add a bit of colour to my life, the dice to symbolise luck & chance and the turtle to represent health & long life (plus I thought it was cute).

This is really a post about nothing (I'm sure that you have realised that by now) I'm just excited and wanted to share. My wrist is also running out of space I now wear 3 bangles (have done so for years) and a bracelet all on my right wrist. Meanwhile I have all my good stuff locked away and rarely worn...go figure.


Sophia said...

Hmm.. really? You'll have to explain it to me.

PiCkLeS said...

explain what? it was freee sort of...

How was Melbourne?

Sophia said...

explain the attraction of Pandora. I don't get it.