Monday, July 03, 2006

Grower's Market - July

With me working 2 jobs Saturday is my only day off and the only morning that I don’t need to get up at 7am. So when you see me up bright and early on a Saturday morning it’s usually something to do with food (or possibly a sale of some sort).

I really enjoy going to the Grower's market, but recently all my Saturdays have been dictated by meetings with real estate agents, furniture shopping, weddings and running around getting things done. It was really nice just to take a step back to meet up with ex-work colleagues and spend some time outdoors.
We got there at about 8:30am (a little later than usual) and already the whole place was packed with people; a testament to the Markets growing popularity.

I'm a creature of habit, so as usual I raced off to my Apple man to grab 3 bottles of his super sweet tasting apple juice ($5 for 2 litres and tastes very different to your supermarket variety!). I also managed to grab one of his large home made apple pies $15 (he only makes these in winter) and I will let you know of my verdict after I get a chance to try a slice.

Next stop the bread man, I always spend ages here trying to decide what bread to take home. Sophia and Jacky each had a pie from here and I bought a loaf of pumpkin bread and a loaf of their gluten free soy and linseed at $5.50 a loaf.

Once this was done we got to walk around to look at the usual stalls and explore what's new.

I've yet to work out how to use chutney (besides putting it on a biscuit). I did admired the 'ready to eat' colourful flat mozzarella rolls...very interesting.

Mmm...Golden honey

I've never noticed this portable washing basin before

Below: Wagyu beef

They were cooking these wagyu beef steaks....the aroma was mouth watering and when they gave me a piece of steak to sample, I couldn't resist a steak sandwich. I was a little disappointed though, when I finally got my sandiwch my steak was very over cooked and cold...not something that I'll get again next time.

Wagyu pie & wagyu steak sandwich

What: Growers Market
Where: Grass area opposite Star City
When: First Saturday of every month
Time: Would get there before 11:30am


noodles said...

hey wow..i didnt know about that =) ive been meaning to goto these fresh markets unfortunately city is WAY too far to go =D

were the prices comparable to the supermarketS?

what a way for wagyu beef to go... premium beef stuck in a sanger =D

Audrey said...

Hey Emily,
I was there too and have some very similar photos to you :)

I love the Food Growers Market. Ends up costing me a fortune but everything is such good quality.

deborah said...

hi emily, it was nice meeting you at the market... you have some great photos. i especially like the strawberries :)

Helen said...

Great pics, and ha, it was funny bumping into you (but hardly surprising really!).

PiCkLeS said...

Muz: Come on! it's not THAT far! you drove all the way to Melbourne once!

Audrey: I agree, I think Deborah has the right idea when she sets herself a limit on how much she is allowed to spend.

Deborah: Likewise! I love your blog I always read it telling myself that I will have to try a few recipes. When I move out next month I'm going to have to!

Helen: Makes me wonder how many times we may have walked right past each other without ever knowing.

Anonymous said...

you can eat chutney with heaps of things! curry esp. just put some on the side and it can add to the spice or whatever flavours are in your curry. although, i've only ever had mango and one other i can't remember. but they were good!

becky said...

aww yummmm... wagyu beef... Was it angus? It's a real shame it was over cooked though.

helen said...

lol. True. Whenever I see an Asian girl around food with a camera, I always wonder whether they're a foodblogger!

shez said...

whenever i have dinner at my friend's house, her mum serves up steak with chutney (i think it's an apple & onion one). there's something really great about sweet & spicy chutney alongside juicy meat (think pork with apple sauce)