Wednesday, July 19, 2006

For me?!?!

How absolutely awesome!

Kids in the office day came and went and I’ve been back at my desk elbows deep in paper catching up on work. At 10am the mailman arrives with the biggest bunch of flowers from The Flower Man. My bouquet is a mixture of beautiful pink roses, little purple flowers and over a dozen lilies still yet to open.

The card read:
“Thankyou for your wonderful assistance for co-ordinating Kids in the Office day.
From Deacons Partners and Staff”

It's a small gesture but one that means so much, it’s really made my day =P


4:27pm Oh my Gosh! my HR Manager just arrived and handed me a sealed envelope. Inside was a letter thanking me for going "Over and above what would normally be expected". I now have the choice between a $200 Myer Voucher, DJ's Voucher or a Live your life voucher.

I can't even explain how I feel, I honestly did this not expecting anything in return. All I knew was that if I didn't volunteer to run it, the day wouldn't go ahead and I didn't want the kids to miss out.

If this is karma then I am so grateful that I have made the choices that I have, because after a few tough years 2006 has been amazing!


reverendtimothy said...

Awww, well done!

Now Jackie needs to lift his game and send you an even BIGGER bunch! Haha :-P

trish said...

go for the liveyourlife!! it looks fun =)!

good work em, well deserved!

Hoi said...

DJs voucher - you know you want it!

Congrats on an awesome job. Looks like the right people at the firm really like what you're doing - good stuff all around.

tytty said...

i'm jealous! congrats!!

Beckyyyyyyyyyyy said...

Aww wow... That's such a nice gesture, and it's so cool that your hard work was appreciated :-)

I just saw the post you had before about the kids day, and I must say from what I saw, you did a SUPER+B job! (How awesome are turtles?) And "aww" again, to the little girl who didn't know how to write hehe

It's really cool of you to have done that, and the flowers are as beautiful as the girl who got them.

lil_lamies said...

I say go for the Myer $200, then you can buy those light up Salt and Pepper grinders you loved so much :o)

m1ng said...

Nice work Emo!!

Hey, looks like your ready to be a mum there!! ;P

Mark said...

good stuff emstar! It's time for you to make some blonde hair blue eyed babies of your own haha

PiCkLeS said...

Thank you everyone, sorry I've been so slow to reply just been flat out!