Monday, July 24, 2006

All in the last week

To the Person who emailed me to see if I was still alive...I sure am! I've had 4 days annual leave and I've been as busy as a bee. I cannot possibly blog about everything that has happened over the last week so I’ll do a quick summary.

Now that I am a home owner I've spent my nights and Saturdays painting, I’ve been walking around with paint on my hands, under my nails in my hair and all over my clothes…sexy! I have no idea why the previous owner had such love for the colour yellow, but that was the first thing to go. The walls upstairs is now a nice creamy beige, it’ll match the new carpet that we are getting put in next week. It's been crazy because everything has to run on the tightest schedule, the painting must be done by Thursday so that on Friday the floor man can come in to sand and polish the floor boards (it'll take 1 weeks before we are allowed to step on the floor - just in time for furniture delivery).

I can see it all coming together now…we're so excited!

This is me painting the undercoat in our study - goodbye yellow walls, goodbye pink carpet!

I could easily stay at home painting all day, but did I mention that my best bud Sarah is back in Oz for 2 weeks! So in between work, renovating and what ever else it is that I do, I've been busy cooking, eating, playing monopoly, going out and catching up.

Thursday - Tiramisu & Monopoly @ Sarah's

Katina, Sarah and I have a Monopoly feud that has gone on for about 10 or so years (currently I am still the defending champion!). Katina wanted to take this title away from me and challenged us to a game of monopoly. The game will conclude next Saturday but so far Mr Westwood is in the lead.

Thursday Night -Bobbi's Amateur Night @ Pure Platnium

We just had to show Sarah what all this pole dancing business was about, it just so happened that Bobbi's was hosting an amateur night. For the record the twins and I strictly do pole dancing for body toning (it's the new pilates!) and only at the school. We spotted a few Australian celebrities before we headed off to Brighton for dinner at 11:30pm.

Friday Day Time- Ladies Lunch

And cook they did, what a great job! unfortunately I accidently formatted my CF card before I saved my photos but I managed to recover a few...some I stole from Betty & Lisa.

Everyone chips in, Sarah makes the gravy, Betty prepares the sides and lisa carves the lamb roast whilst Katina supervises.


Left: Baked Pastry cups with Ricotta pumpkin & onion Right: bocconcini on tomato
Mains, Sides & Dessert
Left: Green Beans with garlic and chopped Macadamia Right: Roast Pumpkin
Dessert: Homemade tiramisu, Chocolate dipped strawberries
Just like the old times =P
Whilst Sarah and I went to pick Jacky up from the station some one stole my camera and took these photos, How rude!! Because I was using a program to recover lost photos from my CF card, there was a moment where I actually thought that I had uncovered photos by the cards previous owner....I was thinking 'I thought this was a new card?!?! what is wrong with these people!??!' then i realised it was my friends who did it!

On a totally different note check out one side of Betty's shoe closet, there is another side behind the door and if you look closer there is another row of shoes behind the first row.

Friday Night - The Sounds of Motown @ South Sydney Leagues Club

The Concert was awesome! As we were leaving we saw that one of the rooms downstairs was having a Retro night. So the 6 of us decided to stay for a boogie, we whipped out some pretty crazy moves, the running man, the chicken dance (much to the amusement of the local oldies). When the dancers came out on stage dressed in blue lycra and pink hair it was a sign for us to go!

We later headed to the city and I called it a night at 12:00am but the others partied on. Rowena if you are reading this, do you know that your brother Ryan tried to pick up Sarah at Equilibrium!??! he didn't recognise her! I think that you need to have words with him.


lil_lamies said...

What a weekend, it's great to see the house finally coming together Ems, I am so proud of you! Sarah, it's great to have you back, we are catching up on all the mischief we've missed on the past 10 months...p.s how great is that shoe collection :)

Rowena said...

Oh my God!!!!! Betty... man you can start selling shoes!! awesome!!! i think I have 1/10th of your collection... I have to get my act together!!!
And an even bigger oh my God to what brother got up to at Equillibrium!!!! I nearly fell of my chair when I read it...So sorry :):)hehehehe... there you go Sarah, proof that you still got your thang happening!!! Not surprised at all.. :) mind you, if you see the kids (and I say kids because they'd be barely 16) who my brother Ryan takes home... real glamours and exotics from all parts of the world and all kinds of mixes!!! hahahaha lucky for Emily and the twins he knows ya and have seen you around.... otherwise he would have definitely tried... ah so funny!!! I must bag him later!!!

reverendtimothy said...

"This is me painting the undercoat in our study"

Hehe, that looks a little, umm, painstaking. Have you considered a roller? And maybe a slightly bigger pot of paint? Hahaha :-P

"check out one side of Betty's shoe closet"

HOLY CRAP! How many pairs of feet does this woman have?! Is she some kind of mutant? That's insane! I have:

- 1 pair of running sneakers
- 1 pair of fashion sneakers
- 1 pair of boots
- 1 pair of dress shoes
- 1 pair of heels
- 1 pair of thongs

That's it! Haha. That's partly because I'm US13 though, and have a lot of difficulty finding decent fashion sneakers in my size here. :(

PiCkLeS said...

Lisa: it's been a while!

Ro: You're brothers crack me up! they are everywhere!! doesn't Ryan have a girlfriend?? that one i saw b4 was really pretty. You need to ask Sarah to tell you the story it's even funnier.

Tim: hahha it does seem very painstaking when you tell it like that! I do all the detail bits while Jacky does the rolling. Did you say all that just to tell people you have size 13 feet?!? =P

reverendtimothy said...

No, I said all that because I only ever need 5 pairs of shoes!

And I like the fact you noticed my size but glossed over the fact I own a pair of heels. :P (but don't worry, I only wear them on special occasions)

Hoi said...

Wow you guys should do a count of how many pairs Betty has exactly...!

I want a shoe closet too, but that's just way too many pairs. You getting one of those in your new house? :D