Sunday, July 09, 2006

Di's Farewell

After a day of carpet shopping and watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Jacky and I headed to the Hills to say a farewell to Di who going back down to Melbourne (for 2 years) to finish off her degree at Melbourne Uni where at some stage she’ll return as Dr. Li.

Di was the perfect host and we arrived to a whole table of biscuits, cakes and chocolates. The casual get together was just what I needed!

I ate so many sweets that I later suffered a sugar headache, but it was enough to get us all fired up for 6 rounds of Trivia. The line was drawn between the teams and the trash talking began....

"Is THAT your final answer?!?!" Ken demands, as Matty G leads his team to another victory.

In this photo Matty was left to answer what he actually meant when during a heated trivia moment he yelled out to Vivien “Rub it for smartness!!”.

During the break Chris went to check out Di's Grand Piano as I settled into her massage chair to listen to him play.

I ended up sitting here for ages. The piano is such a beautiful instrument and a cd really doesn't compare to listening in person. Jy & Chris did a little performance (did I mention they could sing as well?). So thank you for letting me watch (you guys really made my night) Mark Nam also jumped in onthe act.

In the 2 photos below I'm left to wonder what Ken is doing to Timbo, whilst Mark is looking just a little too relaxed.

ahhh the massage chair (I so got to get me one of these!!!)
is it just me or does Viv look a little creepy? =P

Di I'll miss your company! but this isn't goodbye and I'll be sure to catch up with you when I'm over in Melbourne again (I think I'm down for a work conference in November). Take care and call me! More photos Here

Love Em


In other news a big Congratulations to Johnny & Shirley on their baby boy Ronald Fan, born 10:30pm last night. She arrived at the hospital at 9pm and gave birth 1.5 hrs later! (that's pretty amazing) Mum and Bubs doing well.


thegreatwhitehope said...

Rub it for smartness! The cushion! She was rubbing her hands on it! You people...

Dianna said...

hey emmels, love your photos, as usual. Thankyou for coming all the way. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.
I'll hopefully see you soon!!!

Mark said...

firstly, I can't believe you're buying a house and your friends are having kids.... seriously.

also, at least I didn't try to talk whilst I was on the massage chair. Like I said, you should get one for work and use it in your interviews. It'll give a really good gauge on the person you're interviewing by the way they respond to your vibrating speech!

PiCkLeS said...

Matty: if you say so...all I heard was the "Rub it for smartness comment" and Timbo saying "Rub what?"

Di: See you soon!

Mark: you keep forgetting that Jacky and I are a little older than you! hahah you're actually closer to my 19 yr old sister's age. Boy do I want that chair!

pinknest said...

aww, look at that tiny little poppet!

reverendtimothy said...

Put me in a massage chair and you'll never get me out.

Is viv also giving you a head massage there? Oooh. In a massage chair too! Secret: A head massage is the quickest way to get me to fall asleep. ;)

Hahahaha. I love massages.

What songs were they playing? :)

tytty said...

i like your "sugar headache" phrase (: