Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ugh ~

Today I am going out to UNSW to present to 50 or so 4th year Law students on 'Summer Clerkship Success'. It's not even 9am and so far I've managed to almost miss the train, get out on the wrong floor twice, leave my toast at the coffee shop and spill coffee on my skirt.



To the Foodies who visit my blog I'm sorry for the lack of food posts lately, I can't keep up with the posting! After I move into my new place in a months time, I'll get myself organised.
3:24pm - Just got back from the presentation and around 100 people showed up. The turn out totally exceeded my expectations. It was a bit strange because I recognised people from their Xanga. In other news I've just been told that the HR Team across all offices in Australia are being sent on a retreat held at Novotel St Kilda I hope it's not boring.


noodles said...

at least the only real disaster is your skirt and some happy pidgeons =)

how to avoid these terrible mornings? turn up at 10:37am =D

Mark said...

Haha!! you blogged about your bad morning before you got in??

turn out was awesome, way beyond my expectations also. you were so popular we had to turn people away! hehe. and seriously, unsw law students are going to stalk your blog now :P

PiCkLeS said...

Muz: If only....actually even when i was on annual leave i kept waking up at 8am, still that was considered a sleep in.

Mark: you're scaring me now! but it went really well. I couldn't believe that we packed the lecture theatre and people still came even if they had to sit on the floor. As you guessed my inbox is full of SC queries this morning.