Sunday, June 26, 2005

Happy 23rd Belinda

Had a great night tonight the food was excellent and we had a lot of fun preparing it. Thanks for a great night Belly! (The rest of the pics will be up on the other page soon, you know where to find them).

(did you like my pink theme?)

Asparagus, smoked Salmon and haloumi with an olive oil/caper dressing with a lemon wedge.

Lime Sorbet for in between

Barramundi Fillet on top of a warm spinach and oven roasted tomato salad

Fondue with fruit

Souffle (Minus the Cream)

The Chefs


Sarah said...

Ha ha...I'm the first to leave a comment (for once)!!!

What a wonderful nite it was!!! My fave was the entree....very good haloumi!!!

A very Happy Birthday shout out to Beli....I hope theyear ahead is full of adventure, success and happiness!!!

Kisses and Hugs, Sarah.

thegreatwhitehope said...

Looks fun! I wish I could cook.

PiCkLeS said...

Matty: so you got to get back to me to let me know if you want me to bring anything for your partyy.

Lisa+Betty said...

May I we just say *burp*, happy birthday Belly, may you have many more well cooked and beautifully set birthdays to come!
Ems, as always great job on the creatives and Sarah+Kat, you master chefs you!