Friday, March 03, 2006

Smart, Single, Big Company

I had a meeting over at Allens today, I got there a bit early and decided to check out the shops in Chifley Plaza I wandered into a little jewellery shop where the Asian sales lady greeted me eagerly. She was a very persuasive sales lady (ex Real Estate, just retired) and managed to convince me to buy a set of cuff links (that I really didn’t need). Whilst putting through my transaction she began asking me a series of questions and told me how proud she was to see a fellow Chinese person make something of themselves!

She then proceeded to tell me all about her ‘single’ son who is ‘really smart’, who did actuarial studies at Uni before landing an 'important job' at a 'Big company'. I knew where she was going with this, so I subtly dropped the hint that I had to meet my boyfriend for lunch today. For someone who hadn’t stopped talking since I entered, she went strangely quiet and her face went blank.

She then asked me 'Are you married??' and I responded 'no'. The smile reappeared back on her face and she told me that I was ‘really polite, young and beautiful’ and that I should ‘explore my options before getting married’.

She then took out a business card and scribbled her name and number on the back. She told me that she worked Thursdays and Fridays and would love to catch up over yum cha.

As I hurried out the door she yelled out ‘I’ll see you soon!’.


augustusgloop said...


I need cufflinks. Were they "good price? velly good price, special for you?"

Sophia said...

sounds like another asian lady we know...

reverendtimothy said...

Hahaha. That's how I ended up with a pirate copy of "Memorie of a Geisha" (spelling intentional) on pirate DVD. I was buying a $10 present for a friend in Chinatown, and the saleslady is like:

"You want DVD as well? Thirty Dollar!"
"Uhh, no thanks. Just this."
"It has preeeeetty Chinese girl! Looookk!" (pointing at Ziyi on cover)
"Haha, thanks, but no."
"I sell you... fifteen dollar!"
"Haha, okok, I'll take it."

But yeah, unfortunately she didn't offer to throw any "smart, single, big company" daughters in with the deal.


Maybe the poor bastard can't pick up on his own? Hahaha.

PiCkLeS said...

Helen: yes! 50% off just for me! + a nice box. But the more I look at them the more i dislike them! We do such stupid things sometimes.

Sophia: lets not go there...

Tim: I'd die if i found out my mum was pimping me out to people!!

Could you imagine thinking that you were going to meet your mum for lunch and when you rock up you see this girl just sitting at the table??

lil_lamies said...

have lunch with her ems

at least you get a free feed, take JC along as well, rub it in why dont ya, and get your point across.

Some Dude said...

Haha. Freaky, but funny. At least you can think of this as a compliment to you. Totally agreed with the rubbing-in part. XD

Bosco said...

how come i never get the "i have a smart, pretty, single daughter" talk:?