Friday, March 24, 2006

Nat's Suprise B'day Drinks @ Orbit bar

For most of you, you will be familiar with The Summit Restaurant located at Australia Square on level 47. Orbit bar is found at the same venue in a little section sealed off from diners. It's a popular meeting place because the restaurant slowly rotates around the city and the view of the Harbour and Bridge is amazing.
Here the waitresses are glamorous and the waiters extremely trendy and stylish. The bar menu is delicious but expensive, and recently they seem to have introduced a rule where you are not allowed to bring your own Birthday cake!?!?
It’s definitely a great location to have a few drinks with friends however I don’t recommend it for larger groups as you are not able to pay as you go. This means that each table is given a bar tab and a bill at the end of the night. This can get tricky, as people will leave at different times.
Happy Birthday Natalina!! Hope that you had a good one!

More photos Here.

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