Monday, March 27, 2006

Touch The Sky

It's Monday and I woke up feeling like I have been hit by a bus. How absolutely awesome was Kanye West last night! I'm still on such a high and his songs (specifically Touch the Sky) is still thumping through my head, I didn't get home till after 12 so I'll post some piccies when I get home.
It's been such a crazy weekend with Nat's B'day drinks on Friday, Di's 21st Saturday, Mandy & Lisa's baby shower Sunday day and Kanye West Sunday night.
I think I need an early night.


muz said...

off.. the... hook!

"im just gonna sit here... and wait..for my drink"

i liked all the unplanned bits =)

Chris McElligott said...

Best concert of my life, I was buzzing all night after it!

Bosco said...

can't wait for next week! I want that feeling

lil_lamies said...

I loved it, the man is a genius, the string section was brilliant, and so was the cute boys sitting in front of us :)

lil_lamies said...

p.s a big than you to Matty and Vivian for letting us jump the queue with you, we would still be on the line if it weren't for you life savers!