Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lawn Bowls

Friday 24/02/2006
My Managers decided to take the team to Lawn Bowls at The Paddington Bowling club today. If you haven't gone already it's great fun! In the last couple of years, lawn bowls has really taken off for the younger people and Paddington really caters to that particular crowd. The bar and seating area is quite trendy compared to the traditional clubs, and on a Friday afternoon it gets packed out with people.

The instructors are all really young and pretty easy on the eye, we also seemed to be surrounded by people speaking in different accents. This is Matt he was born in England, grew up in Canada and now lives in Australia. He collects your balls, buys your drinks and even delivers your food orders, hows that for service!

The weather was perfect and the Blue team (my team) came back from losing the very first game to win convincingly.

Just us standing around having a few beers and chilling out for the afternoon.

I'm not sure how much it was because the company paid, but I know that the corporate price is $22 per person for 2 hours (where you get about 8-10 games) so I assume that normal entry would only be a little more? I can't wait till I go back with my friends.

Paddington Bowling Club
Quarry Street Paddington
Ph: 02 9363 1150

Next Saturday
Pole Dancing intermediate 1 - Graduation
Does anyone want to come? and when I say anyone I mean females =P

Inspire me with some costume ideas people!


Bosco said...

I owns at the bowls

well not really... it's funny how paddo seems so fashionable. Paddo bowls is possibly the hippest a bowls club would get.

... don't get me wrong, bowls is Galliano all over! (okay, minus gay pirate etc)

Emmelyn said...

what's the deal with all these corporate lawn bowlers...we have our stint (at waverly) next week!