Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oscillate Wildly

March 2nd 2006

It’s amazing the number of times that you can walk past a place without ever realising that it was there. We always park near the police station because it seemed safer, but never have I given the little restaurant a second look. After reading about Oscillate Wildly via Helen’s blog I just had to give this place a go.

The place is very small but extremely intimate and cosy, the owner creates this atmosphere using dim lights and candles. The staff is friendly and a waitress was quick to take all our bags to give us more room. The owner Ross was absolutely delightful! He chatted with us excitedly about his upcoming African Safari and described his love for his old SLR camera and for photography itself.

After a long day we were all famished and decided to have the 3 courses for $45. The photos aren't the best because I felt a little rude flashing everyone with the camera and settled with just using the camera on my phone.

Entrees: Di had the spatchcock chicken with roasted Vegetables rolled up inside. Betty and I settled for the Fried Zucchini flower filled with a goats cheese mixture (which was a little rich for our liking, I also prefer the end of the flowers to be a little crispy) but Lisa had the clear winner of the night with her choice of calamari risotto.

Mains: With the dinner taking place almost a week ago my memory escapes me. I do remember the first dish being a tender cut of Venison with roasted carrots and macadamia. I had the crispy skin kingfish with a cauliflower? sauce and the twins had the steak with potato (the potato was cooked in such a way that the block is actually made up of layer upon layer of fine cut potato).

The menu changes every 2 weeks, and whilst the food was enjoyable we found the combination of flavours this time round a little strange. For example the cauliflower sauce was extremely sweet and overwhelmed a dish that was suppose to be savory.

Dessert: Mango & Lychee Bavarois, Chocolate pudding with Mocha Coffee (yes, the pudding is inside the coffee - a very clever idea.

Overall a nice little place that scores full points for atmosphere and service. I probably wouldn't suggest it as a place to take male friends unless they are small eaters (Di and myself left still feeling rather hungry whilst the twins ranged from being content to feeling full).

Oscillate Wildly
275 Australia St, Newtown
Tel: 02 9517 4700


Helen said...

Great to see you finally tried this place. Some of the dishes can be a little adventeruous I admit, but testing your boundaries is always interesting eh?

The chocolate pudding with moccha looks intriguing!

JY said...

hey dude, i emailed my invite to your hotmail but no go! well, in a few words 8pm next saturday opera bar cocktail =P

see you there! ;)

Dianna said...

We have to do Forbes and Burton!!!
it's very close to my workplace actually, I checked, even closer than Libertine, so we can park at my place HEHEHEHHEHEH.

Natasha said...

Mango & Lychee Bavarois *hagluahgluahgluah*

That's a drooling sound btw, not the sound of me trying to gargle a cake, as some people have suggested.

Sarah said...

this is the first time in a long time that you have not updated your blog in over a week!!!

Wats happening?!?!? lol

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share this with as many ppl as possible---natalie portman the gangsta rapper:

Mark Nam said...

Heya Emily,

It was tops meeting you on Friday, I hope you enjoyed the goodies from the Philips Fox bag and your Tresscox slushie! haha (i've already put the Deacons post-its to good use)

PiCkLeS said...

Helen: yeah always good to try new places.

Jy: thanks

Di: all locked in.

Tash: you crack me up!

Sarah: Sarah!!! I miss you! come home!

Anon: I saw that a little while ago, can't say i am a fan of natalie portman.

Mark: go the freebies!