Monday, February 20, 2006

Jacksons on George

Today was our 7 year and 9 month Anniversary. Normally we'd go to a bit of effort to find a nice place to celebrate, but in my 2nd week I'm already snowed under with work and staying back to catch up.

My 2006 Grads started today and in between going to induction, running their welcome lunch and getting all the summer clerks sorted, I bearly had time to eat. So for dinner I wanted somewhere close where the food came out quick! With a Entertainment voucher that saved us $25 (buy one main meal get one free) Jacksons on George was a no brainer.

On a weekday the place is fairly quiet so it's not too hard to find a quiet seat. The tables are a little sticky and it seems that the half open room makes it ok for people to smoke indoors (which is a big no no in my books). Overall the food is ok and the prices are fairly reasonable.

Entree: Garlic Prawn & Squid Salad w prawn & squid tossed through a rich tomato & basil sauce $15.0

Main: Scotch Fillet 250gm w crispy fondant, eschalot jus, and coral salad $24.0

We both had the steak which was cooked well i.e. medium was medium and rare was rare, but I felt that the steak itself lacked flavour (would be great if they offered a selection of sauces). The potato cup on the side looked cute but was very dry; the side salad was colourful but not recommended for those who aren't fans of balsamic vinegar.

If you have an entertainment voucher give this place a go, if not there's probably better places to eat around CQ.

Jacksons on George
Open 7 days
176 George St
PH: (02) 9247 2727


Bosco said...

try the spatchcock..

bubz said...

=D garlic prawns! yum! hehe

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: usually if i don't get the steak i get the fish, i generally find the chicken too ordinary?

Bubz: can't go wrong with garlic prawns!

Bosco said...

nono, the spatchcock is good, you get a whole bird!

helen said...

I had the Thai beef salad just the other day.It was truly horrendous. I was tempted to make an emergency call to the food police.

Even with the voucher it was poor value.

DJ Ho said...
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DJ Ho said...

whenever someone mentions jacksons, I immediately think dodgy. In fact, once we couldn't get into any other bar/pub in all of sydney, but we walked straight into Jacksons. The pizzas aren't too bad and the drinks are cheap, but that's about it. I'll probably see you around since our workplaces are close or at the law careers fair where our stalls will be competing!!!!!!