Saturday, February 04, 2006


Tucked away in the eastside of Kings Cross you could easily walk right past the old washed out walls without realizing the exciting restaurant that is inside. The Libertine is a relatively new restaurant whose menu offers a range of modern Asian cuisine. The décor is an oriental eclectic mix with Chinese lanterns and glass chandeliers. The lights are left dim and the atmosphere accentuated with candles and walls of gilded gold.

The staff is friendly and enthusiastic carrying strong accents from exotic countries. Despite being a busy Saturday night we appreciated the fact that we were allowed to sit and talk long after our meals had finished. The food is very flavorsome and presented well, however I do have the one slight criticism that the servings are a little small.

We observed that the later hours bring in a younger trendier crowd, but it really is a restaurant for anyone looking for a nice atmosphere to sit down with friends.
Outside open area and inside
Cocktails from around $15

Entree: Libertine 'chao tom' with minced prawn and pork grilled on sugar cane skewers $12

Mains: Crispy Spiced Tofu with wok-tossed vegetables, baby herbs in a brown onion jus $16
Vietnamese Roast Duck with a ginger dipping sauce, rice paper and table salad $20

Mains: Southern Style Vegetable Curry with okra, sweet potato and eggplant $17
Sticky Babyback Ribs with Vietnamese basil and grilled lime $18

Dessert: Kaffir Lime Leaf Crème Brûlée hazelnuts and ginger ice cream $9
Baked Peach Tart star anise ice cream $9
Soft Centred Chocolate Pudding coconut sorbet $9
Sweet Coconut Rice Pudding grilled mango and peanut praline $9
We got all 4 desserts and gave them the thumbs up!
Thanks for joining us Di, was a great night and we must do it again soon! (thanks for the last pic Twinnies)

1 Kellett Street
Kings Cross
Phone: 02 9368 7507


Dianna said...

oh Em! it was really an excellent time!! best night of the week for me =)

lil_lamies said...

yummy in the tummy, go the ribs... please refer to Di's eating photo to justify how good the ribs were.

DJ Ho said...

The sugar cane chicken photo reminds me of a time where I was eating sugar cane prawns and I didn't realise you weren't meant to eat the sugar cane. I think the waitress had the shock of her life as she saw me chomping down the sugar cane!

PiCkLeS said...

Di & Lam's: we need to lock in a time and place for our next get together.

Ho: I must admit back 7 yrs ago when I first tried it I was trying to cut through the sugar cane but someone told me before I attempted to eat it.