Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Fitting end

The end is so close that I can almost taste it. Instead of calling everyone to say farewell I decided to email them one by one. I really should (and I will call some) but I’m not good with goodbyes because I get emotional. I really don’t want to be feeling upset right before I go. Having to contact my clients to give them the news was something that I had been putting off for as long as I could. I narrowed my goodbye list to 151 people.

Working through my list was therapeutic. As I went through their names I would remember all the trial and tribulations and how I got to where I am. Saying goodbye was also finally letting go and trying to rid myself of the attachment. I was holding up ok until my clients started calling me off the back of my email. A lot of them were shocked that I was leaving and some even asked for my personal mobile to keep in touch.

Going into my new role I am a little scared, scared that it won’t be as challenging or as fulfilling. I just can’t imagine anything being harder than what I do now. I guess that was probably why I was given the job because I’m not afraid of anything that they may throw at me.
My last day is tomorrow but my whole team is in the city office for a training day so everyone had to say their goodbyes today. I couldn't ask for a better send off, my love of food is known throughout the office (because I'm always eating i.e. pork chops for breakfast much to everyone's amusement). Instead of taking me out to lunch everyone cooked something and we had a big board room lunch.


Fresh Rice from the rice cooker, Mixed salad with shaved parmesan

pasta, cauliflower curry

Potato salad, indian dish (forgot the name)

Seafood stir fry, bread rolls

This person cheated and bought some pies, Pea curry

There was also chilli beef, asian noodles, sushi and so much more!

My first plate

It's amazing how much effort everyone went to, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I was also given a bag and a 12 month subscription to Donna Hay magazine! (just what I wanted!). Thank you everyone for making my last 2 years so much sweeter, I will miss you.


reverendtimothy said...

Holy bejesus that's a lot of food!

... But looks like you had an awesome time, though!

Good luck in the new job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,

Way to go!!!! Hope your new job is just as exciting and satisfying but not as demanding as your old one....
I'm sure that your new company is lucky to have someone like you...
We all have to go through the angst of starting new roles but it's never as bad as for thought...
All the best and make sure you send out your new email address!!!

Love lots,


Dianna said...

the sushi plate looks huuuuuuge!
your workpals must be so nice to make the effort to cook for you.

lil_lamies said...

No need to be nervous Ems. You are going to be so great in your new role. ps did you bring home a doggy bag, im hungry now after looking at those pics

Bosco said...

Good luck on your first day!