Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Did someone say SALE?

I love shopping. Today I must have made up for any shopping that I didn’t do earlier in the year. It was the first time in years that we’ve been to the sales; usually we’re overseas or working but today I was prepared. I woke up at 6:00am, Jacky picked me up at 7:20am and we hit the city shops before 8:00am. Let’s not talk about the fact that between the 2 of us we spent over $1000, instead let’s focus on the money that we ‘saved’.

What we bought:

  • 1 Colourful Billabong Bikini (to add to the other 5 bikinis that I own)
  • 2 Rusty Singlets (one black, one aqua- $10 each down from $26 how could i not?!?!)
  • 1 White MCD board shorts for JC (sure beats him swimming in his bball shorts)
  • 1 Surf Dive and Ski beach Towel (they gave it to us for free because they made a mistake and we had to wait for ages for them to correct it RRP $40)
  • 7 Business shirts by Kenji (French cuff of course!)
  • 1 Black dress by Seduce (I had a $50 voucher I was trying to use)
  • 1 brown pair of shorts for Sophia
  • 2 pairs of Man styled shorts for me (pinstriped)
  • 1 Brown pin stripe suit jacket + matching skirt
  • 1 Black suit jacket + matching skirt
  • 2 300gig hard drives (one for JC one for Sophia)
  • 2 spindles of 50 blank DVDs (also JC & Sophia...and you wonder why they get along so well...)

Full price - sale price we probably saved around $500.00

We decided to call it a day at around 3:00pm when we were both tired and couldn’t physically carry anymore bags. Lucky for me (and Jacky) Cue sold out of size 6 and 8 or I would have easily spent another few hundred on work clothes. I got some really great bargains today and guess what?!? I didn't come home with 50 pairs of shoes.

However I am suffering from an extremely sore elbow. Whilst I was putting away a skirt in Myer I accidently banged my elbow on the shelf, it made such a loud noise that EVERYONE turned to look at me; it hurt like crazy!! but because everyone was staring I pretended nothing happened and that it didn't hurt, I'm sure you all know the look. I think that I smacked the nerve right behind the elbow, ahhh well I lived to tell the story.

Happy Shopping Everyone!


Bosco said...


DJ Ho said...

The way you say it, it sounds like they were practically giving those sale items away!

That awful uncomfortable moment? We've all been there. The key is to act like nothing happened or to alternatively scream "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!"

One positive note, you've inspired me to go buy a pair of board shorts cause he's not the only one swimming in bball shorts!

Natasha said...

I love the way you say "today we were prepared", like you're going off to war.

PiCkLeS said...

Bosco: because we NEEDED all of the above! Maybe not the Seduce dress, but like i said i had a voucher to waste.

Ho: Board shorts dry a lot quicker! at SDS they went from $80 to $40...not bad at all.

Tash: hahha it can be a bit like that! especially when i use to work inside Myer during the sales as opposed to being a shopper. When the doors open people run and run and you just think where on earth are you running to???

princess_party said...

wow now thats dedication =)
nothing more satisfies a female asian's heart...shopping + discounts =D